Summary: This sermon considers the importance of modeling obedience before others.

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Have you ever let frustration get the best of you? If we are honest we will admit that frustration has got the best of us, from time to time. The sobering thought is that frustration can cause us to dishonor God during such moments. Moses struggled with such a challenge. In Numbers 20 we find Moses facing a frustrating situation. Follow the text.

Verse 2- The people of Israel are without water. They are frustrated.

Verse 3- The people blame Moses.

Verse 4- Moses initially fell on his face before God. He started properly.

Verse 7- The Lord spoke to Moses.

Verse 9- Moses obeyed the Lord. God commanded him to take his rod and speak to a rock and God would provide water from the rock.

The mood changes in verse 10. Moses calls the Israelites "rebels". His frustration is beginning to get the best of him. In verse 11 he gets angry. God’s verdict on this episode is found in verse 12. The Lord says "Because you did not believe Me, to hallow Me in the eyes of the children of Israel, therefore, you shall not bring this assembly into the land which I have given them."

Notice three ways we are to model obedience before others.

1. We model obedience by obeying God.

* Obedience is not always easy. God commanded Moses to perform an unusual feat. He was to speak to a rock.

*Obedience does not always make sense.

2. We model obedience by setting a good example. Moses let his anger and frustration get the best of him. He did not set a good example.

3. We model obedience by trusting God.

* God’s timing is always right. God resolved to provide water for the frustrated Israelites. However, he chose to do it in His time.

* God way is always the best. The Bible says "His ways are not our ways." Each of us face occasions when God’s way may not seem to be the best. The death of a loved one, cancer, heart attack, or financial collapse are a few such examples.

May we resolve to always model obedience and exalt God’s Holiness. This resolve will save us in the long run.

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