Summary: The danger of allowing Satan to distract us from the will of God.

Distracted By A Part-Time Lover

Ye hypocrites, well did Isaiah prophesy of you, saying, This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoreth me with their lips; but their heart is far from me. Matthew 15:7-8

My brothers and sisters, Stevie Wonder recorded a song entitled “Part Time Lover.” The song started out by saying, “Call up, ring once, hang up the phone to let me know you made it home. Don’t want nothing to be wrong, with my part-time lover. He said, “We are undercover passion on the run. Chasing love up against the sun.” He said that, “We are strangers by day, lovers by night knowing it’s so wrong, but feeling so right. If I’m with friends and we should meet, just pass me by, don’t even speak.” He said, “To just know the word’s “discreet” when part-time lovers meet.” Oh brothers and sisters, Stevie Wonder went on to end the song by saying, “I’ve got something I must tell. Last night someone rang our doorbell. And it was not you, my part-time lover. Then a man called our exchange, but didn’t want to leave his name. I guess that two can play the game of part-time lovers.” Those my brothers and sisters those are some to the words to the song written by Stevie Wonder. Oh brothers and sisters, wouldn’t it be grand if we can live a sin free life? Wouldn’t it be grand if we didn’t have to face Satan on a daily basis.

No temptations, no being talked about, your name not being put on sign boards, no more I’m right and you’re wrong. Can I get a witness? And my brothers and sisters, I have found out that there are folk who will believe the worst about you more than they would the best about you. That is why we ought to focus on the things of God and not the things that Satan put in front of us. Satan that part time lover, that deceiver, will distract you from doing the will of God. Well, Reverend, why do you call Satan a part time lover. Oh brothers and sisters, the reason Satan is a part time lover, is the fact that his love on last until he gets you where he wants you or get all he can out of you. He will lure you away from the protection that God has for you in this old walk of life. God wants to do a work within us “from the inside out.” But the desire to do what is right contradicts our fleshly desires and the Spirit and the flesh are at war with each other. However my brothers and sisters, God enables us to fulfill the desires of the Spirit; He will give us what we need to make it on this journey. Satan that part time lover, can only do things to you if God allows them. He will do things to distract us from that which God wants for us. That is why our minds ought to stay on Jesus.

Oh brothers and sisters, The Bible even told us that we should let this mind be in us which is also in Christ Jesus. We are encouraged to rise to Christ with the wings of meditation and the chariots of our affection toward Him. Not only are we to speak heaven, but we are to think heaven. To think heaven means to think Christ. We as believers must fix our minds on the higher life. Although we are living in this world, heaven must occupy our thoughts. We must keep our focus on heaven and not be distracted by the things that Satan put in our way to the cross. Can I get a witness? And oh brothers and sisters, I think that I ought to tell you that it’s a dangerous thing to be distracted by a part time lover. If you get distracted you might end up at a different destination than you hoped for. And my brothers and sisters, we are easily distracted all because we want to be distracted. Satan has a way of showing us things that only last for a little while. But when you focus or concentrate on heavenly things, God will move in a mighty way. Heavenly focus with dry weeping eyes. Heavenly focus with calm the raging winds of sickness. A heavenly focus

with lessen the fears of death valley.

A heavenly focus will keep us going when our candle of faith runs low. Oh brothers and sisters, you see that word distract? It means to draw away in another direction. It’s those things that are so hard to give up that they threaten our hopes. God wants us to understand that there is one out there walking to and fro seeking whom he may devour. We got to know that Satan is our adversary and he wants us to be distracted. No matter who you are and what position you hold or how much education you have, you can be distracted. Satan has great influence on the minds of those who are not fully submitted to the mind of God. Satan is always looking for a means of attack. My brothers & sisters, Satan wants you crushed today. People wonder "when are things ever going to go my way?", "when will my husband/wife/child/job/car ever going to act right?", "how many more tears do I have to cry?" And I think that I ought to tell you that because of the love of God and the fullness of God’s love for us, we don’t have to put with a part-time lover. If you are who you say that you are, you don’t have to put with a part-time lover.

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