Summary: how do I fulfil destiny?


And there was delivered unto him the book of the prophet Esaias. And when he had opened the book, he found the place where it was written…Luke 4:17

Everybody in life needs something to be delivered into his hand to fulfil destiny. We keep seeking for things in life – money, position, connection etc, because we want to fulfil destiny. Jesus went into the synagogue and a scroll was handed over to him. I pray for you today, that wherever you go from today that which you need to make your life better shall be handed over to you in Jesus name.

Not only was the scroll handed over to Jesus but He found the place where the fulfilment of His destiny was written. Moses not only possessed the rod, he was shown how the rod will make his life better and helped him fulfil destiny. I pray for you now that God will help you to know the usage of that gift or blessing in your hand in such a way that your life will be made better by it in Jesus name. Moses could have been going about using the rod of wonders as a walking stick but God taught him to use it the right way: god will teach you the right usage of that blessing in your hand in Jesus name.

As soon as Jesus read and closed the book, all eyes focused on Him. Those that didn’t know that He was there before that time were compelled to recognise Him. As the Lord helps you, even those that didn’t recognise your personality will be forced to pay attention to you in Jesus name. You will not live an uncelebrated life in Jesus name.

Finally, as we are gradually moving towards the end of this year, I pray for you and every member of your family that you will not end this year in shame and sorrow in Jesus name. Ensure you attend tomorrow’s service at five-thirty in the evening (5.30pm) as we receive the grace to finish well. God bless you.


1. Father, everywhere I go from now, whatever is there that could make my life better, let it not be withheld from me in Jesus name.

2. Father, help me make the right use of whatever gift, talent, ministry etc that you have given me in Jesus name.

3. Father, please give my destiny a voice. Let my destiny not be silent in Jesus name.

4. Father, make my life a significant one. In everything that I do, let me be a force to be reckoned with in Jesus name.

5. Father, as the year runs to an end, please keep me and members of my family from sudden calamities in Jesus name.

6. Father, the wind of 2009 looking for people to blow away with the year will never blow on me and all the members of my family in Jesus name.

7. Father, as we wait on you for the finishing grace, may that grace bring sweet conclusion to everything I began this year in Jesus name.

8. Father, the remaining Breakthrough Hour Services this year, let them be fro the distribution of all unspent breakthrough Hour Miracles allocation in Jesus name.

9. Father, every blessing meant for me at the Breakthrough Hour Service that I am yet to receive; position me rightly to receive in the few weeks left in this year.

10. Father, I thank you for being part of the Breakthrough Hour this year.

11. Finally, pray for the arrow head of this programme, Pastor Peter Balogun, together with his wife and children that the grace of God will keep them and that God’s blessings will rest upon the family in Jesus name.

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