Summary: This was a prophetic message the Lord gave me as we prepared to close out 2008 (the outline was created after I preached the message). It examines how Hezekiah responded to the words of the prophet and how God was moved by his repsonse.

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A DIVINE DELIVERANCE (The Prize of Persistence)

ISAIAH 38:1-6

As we prepare to close out 2008, we need to understand that when you have relationship with the Lord, you’re able to go directly to Him concerning whatever “death” sentence life has afforded you. Your relationship can cause God to move on your behalf…


“Then Hezekiah turned his face toward the wall…”

- First thing he did was get into position

- To deal with the his issues

- The wall represents an obstacle/ barrier

- It also represents a place of decision: either give up or deal

with issue at hand

- We can’t deal with our issues (handle battles) because we’re

always out of position


“…and prayed to the LORD…”

- Appeal, beg, or plead…

- He knew who was in control of everything…

- We look to the wrong sources for help…

- “Cast your cares on Him…”


“Remember how I have walked before You in truth and

with a loyal heart, and have done what is good in Your


- He presses into the heart of God by reminding Him of their


- He identifies himself in relationship through obedience)…

IV. POUR OUT (v 3)

“And Hezekiah wept bitterly…”

- Sincerity touches the heart of God…

- God is moved by your heart not your emotions…

- Hezekiah’s cry shows his vulnerability…

- It also shows his determination for God to move…

Because of his Position, Petition, Press, and his Pouring… God was PROMPTED to move on his behalf…

(v 5) He heard his prayer… He saw his tears… And added to fifteen years to his life…

- 15 years (sum of 7+8)

- 7: the completion or end

- 8: new beginings

God will end one era and begin another... For your good and His Glory!!!

(v 6) He delivers him and the city from the hand of the king of Assyria…

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