Summary: Somebody once said that "no persons education is complete if they do not know the Bible". The purpose of this sermon is to examine the supernatural nature of the Bible and ignite in our hearts a desire to search the many hidden truths buried in it.

Divine Provision- proceeding directly from God.

Talk about the Bible- God’s divine provision for man.

As look at- supernatural nature of this book- hope will ignite a desire to search out hidden truths-

Pr 25:2.

Pray …

Open Your Word to us and open us to Your Word.

Chuck Missler

Important to set aside our prejudices/misconceptions.

A sure barrier to truth is the perception that you already have it. Chuck Missler


What have others said about the Bible …

No persons education is complete if they do not know the Bible. Unknown

George Washington-

It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible.

The Bible-

*66 books

*written by over 40 men *written over two thousand years

*yet it is one integrated book that tells one story

The NT is in the OT concealed

The OT is in the NT revealed.

Do not tell me- OT does not apply to our lives today.

It does apply, we need to find out how it applies

The Bible- one complete book- both OT/NT necessary

Mt 5:17-18

Jesus did not come to destroy the OT, but to fulfill it.

Origin of this book- outside- realm of time- records history from before man existed/events took place.

Isa 46:9-10, Isa 57:15 (God lives in eternity)

When talk about eternity- visualize lots of time.

Eternity- not having lots of time- it is outside of time.

*For us life is a series of events.

*God- beginning/middle/end all happen at once

*Look at parade from sidewalk/helicopter

Only two worldviews … everything is the result of …

* some cosmic accident.

* deliberate design by a designer.

Our world view affects how we answer the four basic questions of life …

* Who am I

* Where did I come from

* Why am I here

* Where am I going when I die

A proper understanding of the Bible gives us an accurate world view from which we can live.

Creation …

Bible- provides the answer for all false religions …

Gen 1:1

Atheism- there is no God-

* Bible- we were created by a God.

Pantheism- everything is God-

* Bible- God-distinguishable from creation

Polytheism- many Gods-

* Genesis- there is one God

Humanism- man- the center of the universe

* God not man is the ultimate reality

Evolutionism- life evolved from lower forms

* God created everything we see and know

God- Elohim- plural noun but used as a singular noun

Hint of the trinity.

1 Pet 1:1-2 (Eph 4:4-6)

Here we see the three aspects of the one God.

Gen 1:3-5

How much time did it take God to create the earth?

6- 24 hour days, 6 eras, 15 billion years?

Ex 20:8-11

One part of the Bible brings insights into other parts.

Fall of Man

Man rebels from the ruler ship of his Creator.

Gen 3:1-4

How does Satan deceive Eve (and us today)?

* First he plants doubt- did God really say that?

* Second then comes denial.

First Act of Religion found in Genesis

Gen 3:5-7

After sinned- found they were changed in some way.

* Naked- what was taken away- (Psa 104:1-2)?

* They may have been clothed in light

* Now they were no longer covered by God

(Our only understanding of creation is after the fall)

Act of man trying to cover himself- make himself acceptable to God- reconcile himself to God.

Gen 3:11-15

Seed of the woman- contradiction in biology- the seed is in the man- hint of the virgin birth.

God’s Plan for Redemption

Gen 3:21

Not just giving man clothes to cover his nakedness.

He was teaching them that only by shedding innocent blood would man be covered/acceptable to God.

Foreshadow of another tree in another garden- cross Jesus crucified on- garden of Gethsemane.

Looking at the Bible in the big picture …

* The OT is the account of a nation.

* The NT is the account of a man.

The Creator became a man.

* He died to purchase us and is alive now.

This is the central event/story of the Bible.

The Flood

Riddle: The oldest man in the Bible died before his father. Who is this man? How can this be?

Oldest man- Methuselah- lived 969 years.

Yet he died before his father.

His father was Enoch.

Gen 5:21-27

Methuselah- his death shall bring.

Book of Enoch … (not the canon of scripture)

*God would not bring judgment on the earth until Methuselah died

*Year Methuselah died- flood came, Gen 7:11

*Methuselah- oldest man- picture of God’s grace, a type of His mercy 1 Pet 3:2

Gen 5:29

Noah- to bring comfort, or rest (picture of Christ)

Gen 6:17-18

God makes a covenant w/Noah to preserve his life as we enter into a covenant w/God through Christ.

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