Summary: When a divine appointment becomes your redirections.

“Divinely Redirected”

Divine appointments are often the beginning of a new direction.

Acts 9:23-28

A Redirected Person Needs a Barnabas

1. Encouragement is powerful.

2. Someone who believes in you is even more important.

Acts 9:29-31

The Holy Spirit’s Work

1. Building Confidence in the Truth.

2. Comfort that beyond understanding.

3. Transforming all who surrender to Him.

Acts 9:32-39

Doing Greater Works

Reaching the nations is a greater work.

Creating a community within a community called the Church.

Acts 9:40-42

What questions does the Power of the Holy Spirit raise? Acts 1:8

1. Not will you heal the paralyzed man?

2. Not will you raise people from the dead?

3. Will you take the Gospel message to the nations?

4. When God calls you to speak to your people. Will you answer?

The Holy Spirit Redirects…

Our heart to love more than what we thought was humanly possible to love.

Our faith to believe even when God doesn’t answer the way we want.

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