Summary: This message talks about how to maintain a Spirit of Unity in the marriage, home and churches. This message explains the difference between Physical unity and Spiritual unity and how we need to strive for Spiritual unity to be blessed.

Title: Division For Righteousness

Text: II Chron 10:15 and II Chron 11:4; I Kings 11:29

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Two men were riding a bicycle built for two when they came to a steep hill. It took a great deal of struggle for the men to complete what proved to be a very steep climb. When they got to the top the man in front said to the other, "Man, that was a hard climb!" The guy in back said, "Yes it was. And if I hadn’t kept the brakes on all the way we would have rolled down backwards."

- Unity is a powerful thing. You can accomplish anything when a husband and wife, children, churches are together in the unity.

- But when one is not doing there part, the other party suffers as we see in our story.

- In our text we have a very interesting story also.

- And as I read this passage of scripture earlier this week, a question went through my mind, why did God bring division?

- It’s hard to believe that the Lord brought division to His people, or aloud division to come. But it happened and here’s the reason why:

1. As a punishment for there false worship of other gods.

2. As a means of preserving a faithful remnant of people from the tribe of Judah.

(The division was God’s plan and it was recorded in I Kings 11:29)

- Even though Israel as a whole departed from the truth of God, a group of people from the tribe of Judah remained faithful to God.

- Therefore God was able to fulfill His promises and salvation purpose through them.

- So we know that division came as a result of sin, the 12 tribes simply did not live out truth revealed from God’s Word.

- And the reason God aloud it to happen was because there foundation was based upon living God’s way. Israel was God chosen people, who decided long ago to be a people unto Him.

- They formed themselves as a nation around the principals of God, and there orders were to drive out the nations and not practice there worshiping of idols. (Deut 29:1 - The Covenant made with Israel and verse 16-18)

- God chastens those whom He loves, and are His children. Let me explain futher.....

- Our foundation is determined when we chose to live for Jesus Christ.

- So therefore God deals with us our family, marriage, or church according to the foundation that we decided to lay.

- And so when one person, or group of people is not living according to the principals of God’s Word there will be no Spirit of Unity, which is what we are going to talk about this morning.


- I want to give a challenge to you and myself to keep the unity of the spirit in our families, and churches.

- I believe when truth from God’s Word is not lived out from the Christian, there can be no Spirit of Unity.

- I am not talking about Physical Unity, were we apply the principal of agreeing to disagree about issues, rather I am talking about a Spirit of Unity that will bring God’s blessing. (Psalm 153)

- Paul and Barnabas had a disagreement. (Read Acts 15:36-41)

- Paul and Barnabas had a difference of opinion that lead to there separation, but they didn’t leave with bitterness and hostility

- Both Paul and Barnabas continued their work for God with His blessing and grace.

- And that’s what we need to strive for today as Christians, to be used of God and not be filled with anger or bitterness. Because it can happen so easy.

- It’s so easy for loved ones to become angry at one another. Whether in marriage, between couples, family members or church relationships.

- So if we have decided to live for God, and God is our foundation in the home, my life, my church, how do we agree to disagree and preserve the Spirit of Unity?

- Understand that you and I must have our foundation established first.

- We are either going to live for God and let Him rule our homes and lives, or the world’s philosophies.

- The world’s teaching being, selfishness, lack of respect, me first, corruption, jealousy, greed, love of money and pleasure etc.

- I believe Paul gives us some insight in Eph 4.

- Turn with me to Eph 4.......We maintain a Spirit of Unity by............

Point 1: Being Loyal To The Truth (Vs 3)

- Unity of the Spirit cannot be created by any human being or organization, but rather living a life worthy of the calling of God.

- Spiritual unity is maintained and renewed by being loyal to the truth and keeping in step with the Spirit. (Read Gal 5:22-26)

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