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If you do any of the shopping, probably the strangest part is at the checkout. (No offence yvone). The magazine section there is perhaps the strangest collection in print. One favourite is the Hollywood marriage and divorce scene. Some of the comments on the circus include:

• In Hollywood they get married early in the morning. That way, if it doesn’t work out, you haven’t wasted a whole day.

• The hardest thing in Hollywood is to keep the marriage a secret until the divorce leaks out.

• I was invited to a Hollywood wedding. Traffic was heavy, so I got there late -- just in time for the divorce.

• One Hollywood kid has good reason to be proud: at the last PTA meeting, he won the prize for having the most parents there.

• One actress is very sentimental: she always gets divorced in the dress her mother was married in.

• A Hollywood bride looked around as the groom put her down after carrying her across the threshold. Puzzled, the Hollywood bride said, "This place looks familiar. Have we been married before?".

The stars themselves tend to be the most self-deprecating:

My wife and I were happy for twenty years. Then we met.

-- Rodney Dangerfield

"My wife loves to shop. Spends all my money. One week she was sick -- three stores went out of business. The woman will bring home anything marked down. Last week she brought home an escalator. She said she lost her purse and all her credit cards were in it. Did I report them stolen? No -- the thief spends less than she does. Take my wife -- please!"

-- Henny Youngman

What is so tragic, is that life now resembles art. The stuff of Hollywood yesteryear now can be seen in the everyday. This week, the supreme court heard a case involving no-fault spousal support. These days it is not uncommon to read of prenuppual agreements, messy custody battles, haggling over spousal support and the list goes on and on.

As we have seen over the past weeks, the situation in Corinth was no different. But the situation was different from when Jesus taught on the issue. When he taught the Jews, Divorce was rather rare. When Paul dealt with the Greek cities such as Athens and Corinth, and other Roman cities, divorce was a frequent thing. As you recall from our previous studies some in Corinth were saying it was better to remain single to be more spiritual. To avoid what some (Ascetics) considered sex carnal, not spiritual, and were divorcing their spouses. Others (the Hedionists) lived for pleasure and would divorce and remarry on the drop of a hat with only objective of selfish pleasure.

No one it seems has not been affected by the topic of Marriage and Divorce. We are either the participants, children or friends of someone who is or has gone through this process. The statistics and effects from depression to crime almost seem meaningless. We all seem to know the technical impact. What we need is the solution and God’s guidance.

According to the last CENSUS DATA FOR Brant , with a total population of almost 120 000, of those 15 and older, about 25 000 have never been legally married, just over 50 000 are legally married and not separated, just over 4000 are separated but still legally married and about equal numbers (7000) are divorced and widowed. Therefore in just Brant county, about 11 000 people are most directly dealing with the concept or separation and divorce, not counting children, in-laws, congregation members and friends in general.

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