Summary: In these changing times in which we live, does anything lasts forever? Yes, the word of God; the Church of God and the Son of God.

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First Church of God in Harvey

Sunday Morning December 30th, 2012

Final Sermon

Let us pray


In 1983 and 1991, I had the privilege of visiting Buckingham Palace in London. England where I was able to observe the changing of the guards. At a set time each day the guards at Buckingham Palace would change, a beautiful sight to behold. In life, we are living in a changing world, and here at the First Church of God in Harvey, we are heading for a change. There are many people who do not like changes, but like it or not, we are heading for a change.

For forty years Moses had lead the children of Israel. Sometimes things were smooth, and sometimes life was stressful. After forty years of leadership the time came when a change had to take place. Physical life for Moses had ended, he had fought a good fight, he had finished his course, and life must go on; because after Moses, there is always a Joshua, and after Joshua there will be someone else. So the question is, What things last forever? In order to consider the question, let's read Isaiah 40 verses 6 through 8, and Matthew 16 verses 13 through 20......

Our topic for today is, “What Things Last Forever?” Really, is there anything that last forever? As you think about this question, I would like to submit to you three things that as long as this world last, these three things will last forever. Number One...The Word of God; Number Two..The Church of God, God's church; and Number Three.. The Son of God.

Today is December 30th, 2012. It is the last Sunday of the year 2012, and my final sermon here as pastor of the First Church of God in Harvey. On Sunday, July 3rd, 1994, I preached my first sermon here as pastor, and I believe the topic was, heaven is a real place. What I believe back then, I still believe now, that heaven is a real place. I still believe that if a person accepts Christ as Lord of his life, and continue to live for the Lord on a daily basis, that person will go to that real place call heaven. Guess what, the following Sunday my topic was, hell is a real place. What I believe back then, I still believe now, that hell is a real place. I still believe that if a person refuses to accept Christ as Lord of his life, and continue to live a life contrary to God's will, that person will go to a real place call hell.

On that first Sunday as pastor here, I had no idea how long I would be here, a month, 6 months, a year, 5 years; but now, eighteen years later I am preaching my final sermon. Permit me just for awhile, not to boast, because I have nothing to boast about, but to praise God for the blessings he has bestowed upon me and my family.

God has given me a wife who has stood by me for over 41 years, despite all my imperfections, and today I want her to know how much I love her and appreciate her. God has given her the health and strength to work and help to take care of our family. God has given us a daughter, who despite her physical challenges is always saying ho much she loves her dad. For over one year, our daughter stayed in her room studying without our knowledge in order to earn her bachelors degree. She is now working part-time in a day care center taking care of kids. God has given us two sons, who have never got into any trouble with the law, but who have been trained to uphold the law, and now they are both lawyers. My older son just made partner in the law firm where he is working. Both our sons have played college football, and my younger son have played in the NFL; arena football, and football in Europe. My daughter have always said she wanted a sister, and God has blessed us with two daughters in law, one is a teacher, and the other is a lawyer, and now Karen has not just one, but two sisters. God did not just stop there in blessing, but we have been blessed with two beautiful granddaughters. Isn't God good. My younger granddaughter is trying to say grand pa, yes, God has been good to us

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