Summary: Jesus is our Model to follow

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Do good for men-Mt12:9-14

Man is more than a sheep

Man is higher than Sasthram-that is traditional events

Sasthram is for man only ;not man for sasthram.

Jesus came for doing good for mankind.

Today:Two kinds of people:1.One who receiving good and now standing against.

2.One who says:You people are doing good for your benefit

This world is mocking the good what we are doing

Jesus's time:Many doubted

Jn 1:46 Nathanel doubted

your birthplace is that

so your birth is also that only

so no goods come from there

His goods misunderstood and they plot to kill.

Anyway.Jesus did marvelous good-Acts10:38

He went anywhere with doing good

What kind of good He did?.

1.Gives Rest to tired-Mt11:28

Law gave lot of loads

Sin gave lot of loads.Curse gave lot of loads

Load brought weary and tiredness

Jesus gave rest. How it came?

Whoever comes to Jesus only gets rest

He is the Only One to remove the burden and take the loads.

2.Save the sinners-1Tim1:15

No religions gives any assurance to the sinners

Hinduism proclaims that sinner will be punished and righteous will be saved

Even Law also punishes;but Grace -Jesus only saves

Jn3:16,17-Christ came not to punish

1Peter5:8-Devil try to catch,But Jesus to save.

Saving Act is God's good-He gave His life to save

He never likes people to perish

whether they are low cast or high caste,He is the only can save

3.Show the light to people who are in darkness.-Jn9:4,5

Darkness is growing and people are suffering

Jesus -gives light to you; that is showing

-make yourself lights; like Him

Jesus brings light,that is Eternal light

it shows the life path.

Many illegal traditions are to be eradicated

4.Giving Life to dead-Mt20:28

Moses-Law leads to death and Curse also leads to death.

But Jesus leads to life

what kind of life?. Eternal Life

He came as life and came to give life.

He died for us and shed His blood for us to get life

5.To Heal- Healing is the best goodness

Two kinds: a.healing in body; b. healing in soul

Lk4:18- heal the contrite heart

5:17-power of God to heal the sick

9:1,6- gives authority to heal, disciple did it

Acts4:30-God's hand to heal

1Cor12:9,28- gifts of healing in the church

sickness and weakness are fruits of curse

healing and recovering are the fruits of blessing.

6. Jesus touched lepers; supper with lowcast people

loves sinners and hate the sin.

gives good food and teach healthy way

we people to do good,whether they like or not

Message by Rev.I.Mesiadhas

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