Summary: The focus of this message is ’Do you love the Lord’, ’Do you offend others’, ’How can you hate the God’s children’, ’What price will I pay for my offence’.

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1. Whom do you Love?

a. Do you love the Love?

b. Do you love the pleasures of this world?

c. Do you love the things you’ve achieved, the things you own?

d. Which rules your world, the love of our Lord and God, or you?(Jeremiah 51:17)

2. Do you offend others?

a. Do you ignore others because of a thing that was done?

b. Do you speak ill of others?

c. Do you speak the gospel to spread the eternal Word of God, or show a [false] holy superiority?

d. Do you actually hate someone in your soul?

3. How can you hate?

a. Do you hate the trees or the sun?

b. These are simple creations of God[, nothing special for our Lord].

c. Humans are special creations because we have souls.(Genesis 1:27, 1 Corinthians 11:7)

d. How can you hate a creation of God?

4. What will God do to me for my offense?

a. Nothing, he will simply allow you continue in your reprobate ways(Romans 1:28).

b. Your own hatred will drag you under like millstone

5. [Closing] Are you dragged down by your personal millstones? Lay this millstone down at the feet of Christ. You can not cut that cord, only the grace of the Lord can remove your trouble.

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