Summary: The world is being conditioned to believe that if ever a multitude of people vanish from the earth it is because they were holding back its evolution and aliens did the removing. Link inc. to formatted text, audio/video, PowerPoint.

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Matthew 24:32-44

New Age guru Barbara Marciniak claims to have received transmissions from aliens (higher or ascended beings) who have stated through her that there is coming a time when upwards of 20 million people will be taken off the planet “in a twinkling of an eye.” Other folks have written about these claims from other New Age luminaries.

What is fascinating is that while people within Christianity argue about the plausibility and possibility of the Rapture, many within the New Age movement have no difficulty with it at all. Of course, they believe that while those who keep this planet from evolving to the next level (us Christians) will be removed from the planet, the New Agers will be taken to another sphere within the spiritual realm where they can reconnect with loved ones who have died before them. If one did not know better, it would certainly seem like these New Age gurus were preaching about the Rapture. They are not, as far as they are concerned. They are preaching about an event that will take place by visiting aliens to rid the planet of the forces that hold back its development. According to these leaders, this will all happen in an instant.

Sounds like the Rapture to me, but of course, the interesting part is that it is the Rapture according to the New Age. It seems to me that Satan knows full well that this event will occur in God’s timetable. Because he knows it will occur, he is preparing for it by lying about it. He is not denying that it will happen. He is simply giving it another meaning, or reason as to why it will be happening.

The lie Satan has provided to his New Age followers is that the presence of these individuals is keeping the earth from progressing. Now, while Christians are arguing about whether the Rapture is real or not, Satan is presenting it as a coming literal event. This event will remove the Christians so that this planet can get on with growing.

I believe firmly that this is why so many alien or UFO movies have had people taken away. I also believe that this is why since the first cases were made known in modern times (1947, I believe), that the people were returned and left behind to talk about abductions, being taken TO the ship of the aliens, probed, etc. Some have even spoken of seeing new worlds.

The reality of a coming worldwide evacuation has not caught Satan off guard. He has had plenty of time to work to explain this coming event, which will be cataclysmic in nature. The destruction that will be caused by many millions of people gone in an instant cannot really be imagined. This is another reason why I believe Satan has soft-pedaled it, focusing on WHY people are going to be taken, instead of the AFTERMATH of such an evacuation.

The film “Skyline” opened this weekend and has a Rapture-type event in it on a large scale. According to information about the movie, NASA has sent a signal into the furthest reaches of space, further than anyone thought possible. Apparently, it got a hit and soon, aliens arrive to suck people off the planet. Once they are gone, the earth can then continue its natural evolution to the next spiritual plane.

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