Summary: A study in the book of Psalms 5

Psalm 5: 1 – 12

Do not blame God

1 Give ear to my words, O LORD, consider my meditation. 2 Give heed to the voice of my cry, my King and my God, for to You I will pray. 3 My voice You shall hear in the morning, O LORD; In the morning I will direct it to You, and I will look up. 4 For You are not a God who takes pleasure in wickedness, nor shall evil dwell with You. 5 The boastful shall not stand in Your sight; You hate all workers of iniquity. 6 You shall destroy those who speak falsehood; The LORD abhors the bloodthirsty and deceitful man. 7 But as for me, I will come into Your house in the multitude of Your mercy; In fear of You I will worship toward Your holy temple. 8 Lead me, O LORD, in Your righteousness because of my enemies; Make Your way straight before my face. 9 For there is no faithfulness in their mouth; Their inward part is destruction; Their throat is an open tomb; They flatter with their tongue. 10 Pronounce them guilty, O God! Let them fall by their own counsels; Cast them out in the multitude of their transgressions, for they have rebelled against You. 11 But let all those rejoice who put their trust in You; Let them ever shout for joy, because You defend them; Let those also who love Your name be joyful in You. 12 For You, O LORD, will bless the righteous; With favor You will surround him as with a shield.

If you have or are currently serving in a ministry you can relate to what I am about to say. If you are not, I hope our Lord will help you to understand my comment.

Today most churches are only opened on Sunday. Therefore, many people know that you can call here any day of the week and speak with a Pastor. Most people call with legitimate concerns. However, since I am the Pastor who takes these calls I also come across some people who want to not just debate or argue but insult me and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

One such individual by the name of John terrorizes the secretaries. He would not give me or anyone else his full name. They become quick to pass him along to me to deal with. In truth our conversations do not last too long because I will not accept his ignorant theories about the word of God and about my King and Master Jesus Christ.

I always say that people can call me anything they want but they will not get away doing the same to my God.

Just last week I had it with dealing with John. Eating a sandwich as he is talking to me, he insultingly asked me to explain why since God causes evil why do idiots like myself try to deceive other people to have Him in their lives.

In answer, I told him that he again was putting forth another incorrect theory as he does every time he calls me about my Holy God Yeshua. Before he could explode on me with expletives I gave him the verse which today’s chapter brings out, "4 For You are not a God who takes pleasure in wickedness, nor shall evil dwell with You.”

I told him that no one can blame God for all the misfortunes in their lives. Then of course he went off on me with the cursing.

I went on the offensive and told him that I wanted him to ask some questions I had. First of all, I asked him why is he calling us. There are plenty of churches he could call and speak to. Why us? Was my request. He would not give me an answer. Then I asked why does he bother calling then? To this question he told me it was therapeutic for him. I told him this might be his benefit, but he was causing me ulcers dealing with him.

Then I went for the jugular and asked him had some church hurt him? He was quiet for a bit then answered ‘yes’. Was it our church who did something that hurt you? He said ‘no’.

I told him that in our world people can hurt others including people who profess that they belong to Jesus. I went on to say that even though people might cause us pain including Christians, The Lord Jesus Christ, God’s Holy Son will never hurt you.

I found out that the leaders at the church he uses to attend gave the okay for his wife to leave him. As a result, he also lost contact with his son. I told him that his issues involved those in that church not mine. He needed to go and try to argue his hurts to them.

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