Summary: What kind of faith do you have?

Do Nothing Faith

James 2:14-26

I. Complete faith

A. Intellectual faith

1. an intelligent knowing

2. admits that God is real

3. not an overall commitment/relationship

4. even the demons believe

B. Works/Deeds

1. By themselves do not make for faith

2. When driven by faith, are the evidence of devotion to Jesus

C. Faith grounded in the Lord Jesus

1. Does not allow us to just ignore the needs around us

2. Will bring about humility and servantship

3. Evidenced by the fruit of the Spirit

a. love

b. joy

c. peace

d. patience

e. gentleness

f. kindness

g. self control

II. Pious concern without action

A. When God presents us with a need, He expects us to respond to that need

B. Your words won’t bring comfort without action to back it up.

C. When your actions don’t match your words...your faith is dead

1. I love the Lord....but I don’t pray

2. I am filled with joy....but my face is wrought with anger and bitterness

3. I love you......but Im going to tear you down behind your back

4. I go to Bible study all the time......but your life isn’t transformed

III. Our actions back up our claims

A. I can say Im the greatest athlete, businessman, husband, etc....

1. must be able to support that with facts, figures, testimony of others

B. Our actions say more about us than our words do

IV. Abraham/Rahab

A. Abraham was asked to sacrifice the son he had prayed for and been promised

B. Asked to go on a journey with a destination to be shown later

C. Only in faith could Abraham make that journey...God would provide

D. Rahab risked going against her king and countrymen

E. She had to trust God to provide for her when the people of Israel attacked

F. Their faith was proven out by their actions

V. Our churches are full of people who have become pew potatoes

A. They know the word of God

B. They have seen the example of Christ

C. Yet they do not obey, and are unwilling show allow Jesus to work through

them, proving out their faith.

D. Is your faith alive and vibrant....or dead on arrival?

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