Summary: Today is the day to do something!

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Start with the video of Matthew West's "Do Something" (it is available on you tube).

I hope today that God will lay on your heart what you need to do. This message may step on your toes!

There are many characters of Bible stories to choose from that lead up to Jesus death. A(Centurion) B Zacceus C. Mary and Martha. You already know these stories. I could have picked any one of them for today, but we need to talk about something different!

***Talk about world issues

1. Malaysian plane crash in the Indian Ocean.

2. World hunger

3.News: robbery,murders theft etc.

4. Mudslides , terrible disasters.

What will you do? Turn it off? Being oblivious is not doing something! Its time to Do Something!

Christianity is being pushed back! Like the Bible being sold in the Fable section. Why?

First I'm going to talk about David and Goliath from 1Samuel 17.(Tell the story)

* the Isrealites and Philistines

*40 days of challanges

*David was taking food to camp

*Checking on his brothers

*Left his flock of sheep

*fought off lions and bears to rescue sheep

* "God delivered me from them and will from the Philistine as well"

*Killed the hero

One person made a difference. David did something!


Peter walks on water( tell the story)

*Bible says when Peter took his eyes off Christ he BEGAN to sink. Have you ever stepped into a pool and began to sink?

*"You only see the obstacles when you take your eyes off the goal!"

*Peter had the faith to try something that we may think is impossible

*Peter, the rock on which Jesus built the church, made lots of errors. Show me someone who does not make errors and I will show you someone who does nothing!

One person made a difference. Peter did something!

#3 The Crucifixion

*The perfect lamb went to the cross to pay debt he did not owe!

*Your will not my will be done!

*Carry the cross! To bear my sins!

*Gave His life what more could he give?

One person made a difference. Jesus did something!

Close: So what can I do?

*volunteer! charities(use your own or these)

A. Heifer International

B. Haiti missions

or local missions like

C. The back pack program. (Food for kids)

D. Gods Pantry

E. Mountain Missions

F. The senior center



1. I'm to old or young!

2.I have done my time! Some one elses turn to teach Sunday school or the youth group. Show me in you Bible where it says that you ever get done serving!

3. I'll just send a check. Sometimes that is what is needed but God needs you! Be more personal. Give of your talents.

4. But i'm to busy!

*try to reason away like I'm to important somewhere else. REALLY? Stick your finger into a full bucket of water. If when you remove it, you leave a hole, then maybe you are to important.

* What about Gods will?

*If we truly are the hands and feet of the church why are we not moving?


We are Gods People, its time to spread Gods word of his son Jesus Christ. Maybe I am preaching to the choir but there is something for sure,

There are 3 kind of people

1 Those who watch it happen

2 Those who make it happen

3 Those who wonder what happened

Which are you? Remember. one person made a difference, DO SOMETHING!

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