Summary: How many of us can say we 100% follow the direction of the Holy Spirit? That is what we are expected to do. So how many follow?

The interpretation of the Scriptures that have been developed by the Church and handed down to the generations says that Yeshua did not show much emotion. In this passage, the translation of the word pneuma (“spirit”) says that Yeshua’s feelings were hurt that the Pharisees came to Him demanding some kind of sign that He was the Messiah. Yeshua had done several signs for the people. Why did the Pharisees continue to question his claim? Many persons came before Yeshua, claiming to be the Messiah. Perhaps there were messiahs before Yeshua. Yeshua is the Messiah (note the capital M). The messianic tradition at Yeshua’s time did not match what Yeshua accomplished. Therefore, the interpretation of the Scripture was incomplete. Yeshua’s mission was to initiate the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and tell people that they needed to repent for their sins. He was not the all-conquering hero. Both interpretations of the Messiah’s work are in the books of the prophets. After the resurrection, it became clear that a spiritual transformation was beginning in the Near East, which spread worldwide.

How many people have asked for signs from the LORD? Have you ever asked for a sign or made a deal with the LORD? Be honest. Probably all of us have done so at one time or another. When big decisions need to be made, it is common to ask the LORD to send a sign. People in the ancient world did this also. Therefore, it should not be surprising that the Pharisees wanted a sign of the Messiah. Yeshua did many things that qualified as signs. However, the Pharisees were looking for a different sign than the ones that Yeshua was giving them. When a person prays for a particular sign and receives the opposite, what is their response generally? “Oh, that was not the sign of my request.” If you are going to ask for a sign, you may need to accept whatever the LORD sends.

Having faith in the LORD can be demonstrated by not asking for signs. That sounds a bit strange. However, if you allow the Holy Spirit to lead you, why do you need a special sign from the LORD? The Holy Spirit is leading you to where the LORD wants you to be. Then why question it? That is what one does when a sign is requested. It can be seen as a lack of faith in the LORD’s direction.

So, if you are allowing the Holy Spirit to lead you to the green pastures, you should follow without doubt or question. The LORD wants the best for us. If your life seems off track, then search your heart to see if you are following the path that the LORD has laid out for you. Trust that the Holy Spirit is leading you on the ways to righteousness.

May the LORD bless you in your learning and studying of His Word.

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