Summary: sins being hidden, by Christians?

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ROMANS 7:14-25

there was a woman who told her pastor that

she had secret sins in her life.

And she went on to tell him, that she liked them.

This pastor didn’t ask the woman what her secret sins

were. He was afraid to ask,

He didn’t want to know!!

And this woman was a regular church goer and

a very respected person in the community.

But somehow she had accepted these sins

and she liked them. No doubt thought there

was nothing wrong with her secret sins!

I fear that there’s many of us here tonight

who do the same thing.

Somehow we think its ok to enjoy our little

secret sins.

After all we ain’t hurtin nobody!

We’re still serving God! RIGHT!

We go to our homes and we pull down the blinds

we have a blast enjoying whatever our pet sins are!

Then we open the blinds and go back to church,

and back out amongst our friends, and neighbors,

and brothers, and sisters in Christ, as if

there ain’t nothing wrong!

But guess what?

There is something wrong.

There’s something terribly wrong!

We ain’t really serving God whole heartedly.

We don’t think it hurts us, but guess what it does

We don’t think it hurts anyone around us but it does

We don’t think it hurts God, But it Does!

It hurts no matter how big or how small our sins

may be!!

We can think we’re serving God

We can pretend we’re serving God

We can Go through the motions of serving God


You can’t serve God part time!!!!

You can’t be a sipper of beer and the whisky

and still be serving God.

You can’t be shacking up with your boyfriend

or your girlfriend and be serving God

You can’t take his name in vain and still be serving God

You can’t wish for your neighbors Cadillac and His wife

or Her Husband and be serving God!

You can’t keep all those so called - little sins

in your life and be serving God!

You can’t go to the doctor and tell him you

have a problem with pain or nerves,

and get a bunch of different

pills and take a months supply in a week

or distribute them to the whole neighborhood

and still be serving God!!!

You will serve God wholeheartedly or you

will be the most miserable person in this world!

And not to mention you’ll go to hell!!!

A lot of times people will try to begin to serve

God, but they have so many things they can’t

let go of, their little secret sins,

They get just enough of a taste of Serving God

that it just makes them miserable!!

When you begin to serve God

you have a desire to change those

little sins in your life

You have to want to be freed from those sins

They can’t be your friends anymore!!! AMEN

And if you need help with them all you have to do

is ask for it!!!

Just tell God you can’t do it alone, and you need help.

He already knew it anyway but He likes to be asked!

When you make friends with your sins

you are making friends with the enemy

and that enemy is the Devil!!

In our reading tonight it seems that Paul is


His desire’s are not - in The Will.

He’s almost mourning that he don’t understand

his own actions.

People we can’t understand everything that gets

thrown at us!!

I don’t think that its meant for us to understand

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