Summary: Teachings on loyalty to God

Greetings Loved ones and Praise the Lord!

To day I would like to speak to you all about change and when it is time to change what you are doing that is leading you away from God.

Do you ever wake up and all of a sudden have an Erie, strange feeling come about you? Do you feel like things just are not right?

Sometimes we have the feeling of emptiness, loneliness, like God has taken a mini vacation from our life. Humm.. Why do you think this feeling is with in you, bouncing around like an aimless rubber ball?

Maybe because you are bouncing around your day to day life like an aimless out of control soul.

People, The Lord has a place in your soul and when you go off about your day to day life and leave Him sitting on the bench, He then lets you know that you have discarded His presence. He gives you an Empty feeling of desolate, lonely, hopelessness. (Not necessarily in that order) but you get the picture. God wants to be Number 1 in your life and if He is not, Man, you will know it! Our soul is made up of one room shared by just 2 spirits yours, and Gods, when you lock the door to your soul and forget to tell the Lord where the key is located, then you have in a sense, shut Him out our your hearts house.

This is when you know its time to change.

Its time to rethink about what your priorities are. Its time to think about why things are not right deep with in and why your happiness has taken the last train out to nowheresville. Its time to Change! Folks, Change is ever occurring, It happens all the time and it happens sometimes when we don’t even know its happening. Change is OK, Its good at times, but when it comes to living for the Lord and allowing Him to live with in your heart, DON’T CHANGE!! Let Him in and have His proper place in your heart. Don’t, change your relationship with God to suit your lifestyle, don’t change the relationship that you and Him share that is so precious and true, don’t change what you know is good and just in your life, Don’t change the way you take time to serve God, don’t change that special communication that you and He share together, don’t change your mind and allow satin to make his change from the outside to your inside!

Good people, DO change things that allow you to stray from Jesus, DO change your armor from lightweight to heavy to withstand the devils attacks on you and your faith, DO change anything that gets between you and God and His will for your life!! Ohh, and do change your underclothes once and a while! Seriously Folks, please change your thinking from what you want for yourself to what He wants for you that is very right for you. Change, it can be low keyed or it can be a dramatic undertaking, whatever the case let God in on it and let Him do the changing, if it needs changing.

Please keep God in your heart and allow him to bless you every day of your life as He wants to make you happy and allow you to change things that are good for you. The change that you should make is the change from sin to salvation and anything else that changes, God will help you change right along with it if it is right for you.

Let God change your life today! Ask Him for His love and allow the Holy Spirit to live with in you and guide you and As I talked about in the beginning of this message, you will not wake up and feel like something bad has "changed" in your life and you feel so alone and don’t quite know why.

May God be with you all! Give the Lord a Big AMEN! Lets go eat!


Dear Lord, Thank you for your NEVER Changing love for us all, thank you for the grace you give to us everyday. We know that sometimes we get off track and think that we know what is best for our lives but it is with your guidance and direction that we are happy and on the right road, the road leading directly to heaven and to the path that leads to you so that we can be with you for ever more! We love you and trust your hand, the mighty hand that leads us to righteousness, we lay everything before you that concerns us and we believe that your work in our lives will manifest all that is right and good; and when it is time to change ,we will let you show us how and tell us when. We pray all this in your Son Jesus’ Holy name, AMEN!

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Rob Strong

commented on Jan 15, 2009

I''m so confused ... is this a sermon or a pep-talk? I was looking for a reference to Luke 5 .. did I miss it?

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