Summary: By understanding who Christ is to us, we can embrace who we are to God.

Do You Know Who You Are?

Mark 2: 23-28 NRSV

This is the Word of the Lord.

Thanks be to God.

Let us pray.

When reading this passage of scripture, you may wonder, OK so why would she pick this passage of scripture to use during lent. Well, this passage of scripture is significant because of one thing. Christ is telling people who he is. And he is declaring it with all confidence and authority that is giving to him through God.

Jesus is telling us who he is. As we continue to observe Lent and get ready to celebrate the resurrection of Christ, we need to revisit, who we are.

Right now, I know what I am…I’m tired. And God knows that, but to be able to still praise God in the midst of all that’s going on with our lives, that’s what you call spiritual maturity. Every one doesn’t have it, but we all pray that we reach that point. Do you know who you are?

When we examine this passage again, Jesus and the crew were going through the grain fields gathering grain, and one of the Pharisee… don’t just love them. I love them because Jesus always checked them in true Jesus style. He checked with their own teachings and words. You know that really makes people mad when you use their own stuff against them because it makes them look foolish.

What do people say, “If you want to hide something from black people, put it in book.” That’s so right it’s scary because we don’t read the way that we should, but yet and still we are still held accountable none the less.

But that doesn’t keep people from talking does it. People always have something to say. They have something to say if you’re not doing anything in church, and they have something to say even if you.

And going to back to scripture they had something to say too…The nay Sayers are quit to say “Look at them, why are they doing what is unlawful on the Sabbath?” And Jesus reply is “Have you not heard of what David when he and his companions did when they were striving? He entered in the House of God and the most sacred bread that was only for the priest to eat, and he gave some to the men that were with him. Let make this know to you, the Sabbath was made for people. The people were not made of the Sabbath.”

And he took it one step further. He told them… “The Son of Man is lord even over the Sabbath.”

No only is Christ the lord of the Lord, but he is Lord. Because of what he went through on Calvary we got something to celebrate because now we have an idea of who we are to God. We are loved! We are blessed! We are redeemed!

Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!

If Jesus can declare who he is with all confidence, power, and authority, then we shouldn’t have anything to worry about or be insecure of who we are to God.

When you know who you are to God, when the world tells you no, you already understand that God has the last word! When the world tells you to give up, when you know who you are you say without any reservation I can do all things through Christ! If you know who you are to God, then understand that the same promise of abundant prosperity that he gave to Abraham is guaranteed to all that accept Christ.

But if you have questions about who you are…if you have reservations about the power that is invoked through Christ, then realize that when you got Christ in your life, you got the right one! Because of Christ we become more than conquerors.

Once you take on Christ, can’t nobody or nothing take Christ from you? You take on Christ you are more than saved!

Remember it’s always the darkest before the dawn…but guess what ya’ll on that Sunday Morning… When we come to church we are gonna have to celebrate with all our heart, minds, and souls because of who we are! Because Christ withstood Calvary, because he looked death in the eye and said you no longer reign!!! We gone say he lives!!! Not just literally but in our hearts as well! We do worship the living God! Because of Christ we are not foreigners any more!!! We are co-heirs to kingdom! We are bound for lives of glory! But you have to know who you are because if you don’t, you won’t get there.

Let’s turn to the third chapter of Galatians ya’ll: starting at verse 13-14. I’ll be reading from the Message for this passage:

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