Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: This sermon is to develop a theology of the people that God calls to do ministry.

As Jesus passed by Levi what does He see? As Jesus passes by us today what does He see? Let us xpose the truths of this text to answer these questions:

I. He saw his problem-"he saw Levi...sitting in the tax booth"

a. Status-A jewish tax collector, he was hated by hisown people because he was seen as a sell-out and a Roman sympathizer. What do people see you as?

b. Sitting-Life was passing him by, he had become stuck in his circumstances and situation.

But not only does Jesus see his problem but He begins to speak to Levi (and us), what does He say:

II. He spoke to his potential-"Jesus said to him "Follow Me!"

a. Life-Jesus offered him a new life when He said "follow me."

b. Liberty-Jesus was free from the situation he was in. Giving him a new focus "Jesus". Jesus called him for a tax collector to a disciple.

c. Lordship-Jesus was assigning him a new employer for his life.

Conclusion:vvLevi responded to this encounter with Jesus by getting up and following. We also find that Levi invited Jesus home, so that Jesus could meet his family and friends. How will you respond to the invitation that Jesus extended on Calvary’s cross? He calls us to make Him not only Savior but also Lord.

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