Summary: The Lord has trusted us with many different talents, do we use them properly?

Many of us today in the church know that we are called to do some thing in the church for the Lord. We are not in the church to just warm the pew or say an occasional ’Amen’. True we are not all called to preach the Word of God, however the Lord does not measure by what we do but how we handle the task set before us. In Matthew 25:14 it describes to us the kingdom of heaven. It says it is as a man travelling into a far country, who called his own servant, and delivered unto them his goods. This man that traveled into the far country is the Lord who descended from heaven to take an earthly body so that He could make provision for us. He has called his servants and given us His goods to use. In Matthew 22:14 Jesus says" For many are called, But few are chosen." Now, the ones that the Lord has chosen, he has given them his ’talent’ or a ministry to fulfill. It is up to that person whether or not we will take our ministry gift and use it. In this parable three servants are given talents from thier master to take care of while he is away. To one he gave five talents, to one he gave two talents and to another he gave one. All of these was given to the servants according to thier ability. After the master gave the servants these talents he went on a long journey. While the master was gone these men were suppose to use these talents to get an increase for when the master was to return. First we have the servent with 5 talents. He had the most of all the three and had a great deal of responsibility. He took what he was given and used it and produced an increase. Now the next had only two talents, he had a considerable amount less than the others, but was still expected to use them and get an increase. and finally we have the third man who only had one talent. This man, though given a little task, took and hid the talent and did not receive an increase. Now upon the lords return, he saw that the other two had an increase in what he had trusted them with and made them ruler over many things. But he seen that the one servant had been lazy and did not have an increase. He then took what little he had trusted to this servant and gave it to the others and cast this servant into outer darkness.

Now the Lord has come to earth and has equipped us with the 4 gospels. He has given us our ’talents’ for which he expects us to have an increase of when He returns. As I said, we are not all called to preach from the Word of God, but there is something we can do that will be useful to the kingdom of God. We are witness’ of Christ yet many times we will avoid any contact with people we are suppose to witness to. Many times we have extra time to clean the church or mow the lawn, yet we induldge in ourselves things which we ought not. And many of us who are alled to preach will run from our calling until we have ran so far from God we may not find our way back. We have been given our ’talents’ from God to get the increase with, and that is the Holy Bible. If we take the Word of God and harvest it , we will have the increase. Remember what the Lord said in Luke 9:26 "For whosoever shall be ashamed of me and of my words, of him shall the Son af man be ashamed, when he shall come in his own glory, and in his Father’s, and of the holy angels." So, I ask you right now, have you been ashamed of His words, have you taken the ’talents’ he has given you and went for the increase? Whether it be cleaning the toilet at your local church or heading the local church the Lord will only look at how we handled the task he has set before us. Let us not be cast into outer darkness, but when the Lord Jesus Christ comes back let him say "well done, thou good and faithful servant, thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things:enter though into the joy of thy lord."

God Bless,

Rev. Jerry Pumphrey

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