Summary: No matter how trapped you may feel in your need, God is there to minister to you.


After thirty-eight years, this man’s problem had become a way of life. He was well aware of his lim itations and his need for help from someone else, No matter how "trapped" you may feel in your need, God ere to minister to you.

I. The Question

"Do you want to get well?" We may think that question presents an obvious answer. But wait! This man’s hope might have vanished over time(38 years). He might have remained content to stay that way. There are those for whom in this condition someone else does all the work and worrying.

Jesus took the iniative! Some use sickness(of all kinds/physical, emotional, spiritual), as a means of eliciting sympathy and therefore do not want to be healed. This man had the desire to be healed, but he lacked the ability.

II. The Answer

"I try to get in the water!" Do you really want to be changed? If in our innermost being that is not so, then there will be no change. The desire for something better must burn within our hearts.

The healing was instantaneous!

v.9 "At once the man was cured, he picked up his mat and walked."

III. The Response Of Others

A man who had not walked for 38 years had been healed, but the Pharisees were more concerned about rules than the health of a human being set free! What was a blessing, had now become the subject of a dispute!

Should not this be a reason for joy and celebration?

v.14 Jesus did not only deal with physical healing, but He also addressed a need for the sin issue to be dealt with in the man’s heart.

You see, God’s forgiveness is the greatest gift that you will ever receive!

Let us be very careful to encourage those whom God has forgiven. There is no room for our condemnation when Christ has set them free!

Let us all enter into the full joy of the Lord regarding what He is doing in the lives of others.

Life Application:

The compassion of the Christian needs to be like the compassion of God. Unending and unceasing. Get on board with what God is doing and rejoice!

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