Summary: The fifth chapter marks a major division in the Gospel of John

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Pastor Allan Kircher

Shell Point Baptist Church

July 13th 2014

John 5:1-17

Do you want to get well?

The fifth chapter marks a major division in the Gospel of John.

• Prologue John introduces the life of Jesus

• 1st-4chap.Jesus presents himself/Jews/promised Messiah

• Chap 5, John begins to trace a growing rejection/Lord

• Rejection/gather/three remarkable acts of healing by Jesus:

• Chap 5/Chapt 9/opening/eyes/man born blind/Chapt 11

• greatest of our Lord's miracles

• All/increases/hostility against Jesus/culminates/last/death.

Today we will look at the first of these miracles, the healing of the impotent man, John 5:1-5

Three observations

1. Feast/Passover/April/Pentacost/Tabernacle/October…..

• Probably interrupted/Galilee ministry…back to chap 6

2. V. 4 Missing.

• Most versions footnotes/explain/presence.

• Explain pool……

Established a reputation as a place where people could be healed.

3. Multitude of People……..blind/lame/sick/paralyzed……

• 38 years he waited.

• Jesus picks him out of the crowd of hundreds……

• He did not empty the five porches, healing everybody

• He did not lay hands on them; nothing of that sort.

• He went to only one man.

• The value of a story like this……

• reason it is in the gospels/truth about Lord

• Show us how God proposes to deal with human helplessness and weakness.

Undoubtedly it/helplessness of this man drew Jesus to him.

We all can see ourselves, in a sense, helpless, weak, crippled and lame, lying at the pool of Bethesda this morning.

• We all need help.

• We all find ourselves paralyzed at times

• Unable to do the thing we want or ought to do….

• We find we are lame

• we do not walk very well

The Focus turns to Jesus.

1. Knowledge of Jesus

“When Jesus saw him and knew he had been lying there a long time, he said to him, "Do you want to be healed?" (John 5:6)

• Strange question ask man sick for 38 years!

• "Do you want to be healed?

• Jesus never asked a foolish question in his life.

• it was important for this man to answer the question

• "Do I want to be healed?"

• immediately he knew the man’s story


God knows our story

• how long you have been struggling/problem

• All there is to know about you and I.

• Your pain/sorrow/worries/reservations

• discouragement you may be feeling.

• help that you may need.

• what may be facing you tomorrow.

I cannot think a thought/my mind God does not know what I’m thinking.


Many people today who do not want to be healed

• Do not want to receive divine help in their problems

• Do not want to be helped out of their weakness.

• They love their weakness, their helplessness.

• They are always craving the attention of others through their helplessness.

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