Summary: Dodging Defilement

Dodging Defilement

Daniel 1:8

Story of an Iraqi Prisoner. Decided to be faithful, Chose Purity and did not compromise, Please God became the Purpose of his life

1) Decision with Courage

a. King had power of life or death

i. King called it design – For Daniel it was defilement

ii. King planned to control everything in Daniel’s life

iii. Refusal could result in death

b. Daniel’s devotion was to a higher King

i. Life changing decision made

ii. Full surrender to the Lord

2) Decision with Commitment

a. Determined his destiny

i. Known as man of one purpose

ii. Serve God and not the King

b. Committed to refuse to defile himself

i. Knew what defilement was

ii. Even King’s diet and drink

iii. Decided to dodge defilement

3) Decision with Resistance

a. Daily defilement of mind

b. Identify with evil people – guilty by association

c. Potentially destroy your testimony

d. Dodge by – Reading Bible more, Pray and fellowship

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