Summary: Does God hear my prayers.

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Does God hear me?

That is a good question . We have all asked this ever present question “Does God hear me?”One time a long time ago ,seems like 18-19 years ago (wait it was 18-19 years ago).I was in love . I loved this person with all my heart . I would have done anything for this person. At that time I was looking for love . I was looking for something and I thought I had finally found it in her. Well I had put all my trust ,all my love , all my hopes into a person. Jesus tells us that people will let us down . Luke 21:16 tells us that “You will be betrayed even by parents, brothers, relatives, and friends...”This person did betray me and one night I was at Pilot Rock and was so depressed about her leavening me ,I started walking . This was on a very curvy road and around midnight . I just kept walking . Talking to God , more like yelling at God . I asked Him ,” Are you there.” “Do you here me . All I wanted is someone to love .” I went and had walked to the steps of New Ebineazer Church and started praying , again at midnight,and praying does God hear me .

Please turn in your Bibles to Mathew 7:7-9 (discuss these verses especially verse 8 “ for anyone who asks receives”) Shortly as I was praying aloud a couple of my friends that I had rode up there with were looking for me and came and sat down with me and talked to me . As I was telling them about my distress they were with me as I prayed for God to send me someone to love ,someone to love me, someone I can be with for the rest of my life. I asked God to send me someone. Please read in your Bibles Mathew18;19-20 (discuss these verses and the importance of when we gather together and pray) Also please read Mathew 21:22.

I pleaded with God . I had prayed to God . I had talked to God. Did God answer my prayers . Would He have listened to me and my anguish

. With all the World and it’s problems . With people dieing in Africa, people starving in India,people suffering death ,people suffering persecution. Would He ,God Almighty ,Father of Heaven , have listened to me on that midnight night sitting on the steps of that old church . You will find the answer in John 14:14. Let’s read it aloud. Shortly after that chance encounter I met this girl at the mall parking lot . She was the most intriguing person I had met . I kept my eye on her for a while . Just like what we do when God talks to us ,we wait . We scope it out. We pray about it . Oh get real , we waste time . We are to scared to accept a gift from God most of the time it’s no wander He is not burning bushes and parting seas . I scoped her out for a while , too scared of getting hurt again. I finally got up enough nerve and said Hi my name is Chris ,... and Melissa said ? ...Yes that’s right , the gift God had sent me , the one who he knew I could love for ever , the one who he knew would love me back ,the person He himself picked out for me was Melissa .

Looking back on my life I have sat and looked into what God has answered . When I was 16 I wanted an really cool motorcycle . A Harley or Triumph .I prayed for it . Well in God’s time he decided to let me have one ,in fact several once he thought I needed them and would appreciate them ( I restored bikes for a while). I use to pray that it would be cool to be a truck driver ( this is when I would watch C.H.I.P.’s and D.J. And the Bear on T.V.) Well when I was 26 he decided I was ready for his blessing again and I became a truck driver. But you have to be careful for what you ask for ... I asked for patience and he sent me Sam and Gabe . These are just a few of examples of the power of prayer.

He still answers prayers . Back in November I prayed to God and told him that my smoking was wrong and I needed help to quit . I couldn’t do it myself . I had been smoking for ever since I was about 12. (Yes 12 ,back then they didn’t care how old you were and they only cost $.35 a pack) .That night I had my last cigarette. The next day I think I only had a couple of cravings. But nothing real ,I mean they were only a thought , not nagging at me or anything. Since that November night I have not smoked a single cigarette .

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