Summary: Does God really love least things? Have you ever thought of yourself as insignificant? Least probably in all of God’s creation? What does God’s Word say about the least? Who are they? It may surprise you that if you are least by your own choosing, Go

This is the final message from the series entitled Does God Love These Things. We have explred the following: 1. "Does God Love Laughter?" 2. "Does God Love Lost People" 3. "Does God Love, Love Making?" Today we are going to look at a forth question. "Does God Really Love Least Things?"

I want to go to a verse from the story of the Prodigal Son. Remember we talked about the prodigal son in great detail when we asked the question, "Does God Love Lost People?" Today though I want to key in on one verse from that story.

Recap the Story...

The verse I want to look at for a moment is Luke 15:19

"I am no longer worthy to be called your son; make me like one of your hired men."

1. I think God loves a RECOGNIZED LEASTNESS

"I am no longer worthy" V19

2. I think God loves a HUMBLING LEASTNESS

"Make me like one of your hired men." V19

3. I think God loves a CONTENTED LEASTNESS

The very thing that caused the Prodigal to leave home, ’discontentment’ is causing him to return. Note that he now finds contentment in being near his father.

Lets look at a verse in Matthew..25:40 "The King will reply, I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me."

Who are the Least?

Should We love the least?

How should we love them?

Tell the story about the 10 virgins...

They look the same .. but there is a difference

Five were wise .. Five were foolish

Five brought oil .. Five had empty lamps

People look the same overall

Some are wise .. some are foolish

Some have Jesus inside .. some are empty

The bridegroom (Jesus) will come and the virgins taht are ready will go into the banquet. The Christians that are ready will go into the banquet.

I. We are not talking about a LEASTNESS THAT IS FROM NEGLECT.

1. The foolish virgins neglected to have oil. Many people have had te opportunity to follow Jesus and have God in their life but have neglected to really make that decision.

2. There is an urgency because the bridegroom is coming and we need to have oil in our lamps. Christ in our lives. Verse 19 says :The door will be shut. There is finality in that setence.


The next parable in Matthew 25 is about the man who gave his servants some talents before going away. To one he gave 5 talents, to another 2 talents and to another 1 talent. Then the man went away but said tat he would return again. The men with 5 and the 2 talents went to work douling what had been entrusted to them. The man that received on talent was afraid and a lazy so he buried the talent. When the man returned he called his servants in and said well done to the two servants that had done something with their talents but to the one that buried his talent and did nothing he said he was wicked and lazy VS 26a and he took the talent from him and through him out VS 28. You see the servents were different. They had different talents. (Like us) The master came back, Jesus is coming back! He was pleased with those that did something good with what he had entrusted to them. The Lord has entrusted many thigs to us! The question is "What are we doing with what we have received?" Fear and Laziness will make you least but the master is not plesed with this kind of leastness.


"He will reply, Whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me. Matt. 25:45

The least we should be generous with are described

1. Hungry VS 35 (hunger could be physical or spiritual)

2. Thirsty VS 35

3. Lonely VS 35

4. Cold VS 36

5. Sick VS 36

6. Imprisoned VS 36

IV. Conclusion God loves the least ad he wants you to love the least too.

1. You are part of the least (Thnk about it)

2. A special day is coming VS 31

3. All nations will be there VS 32

4. You choose where you will stand on that day

5. Today you can choose Christ (General invitation to receive the oil, to commit to use our talents, to love the least)

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