Summary: After all weve done to this world and ourselves, why does God still love us? A look beyond John 3:16.

Why Does God Really Love me? After all weve done to ourselves and this Earth, why does God Love us? Luke 8:21+8:39 Does God really Love me, when I cant even love myself?Ive been down on life sometimes, havent you. The things that we think are going to happen ,dont and the things that we think wont happen do. Do you sometimes think, How can God love someone like me after all Ive done in this life and what Ive done to Him? Have we been more trouble to God than were worth? The Bible states that, we are not to enter into self condemnation, but at times we all start to think about our past and the things that weve done. We go about our life and look around at all the people that are running around, liveing their life, one day at a time, thinking only of themselves.Sometimes we have so many questions that we wonder if we will ever get all the answers. Looking at the news and seeing people being robbed by others trying to get things that they havent earned and we wonder, why does God love an unruelly people like us? As it was in the Day of Noah, cant you hear the turmoil of life around you? Can you honestly say that you can leave your home at night and not worry about who is just outside waiting? What has this world become, what have we become, and why does God love us? Ive spent time alone wondering, Does God really love me? Does He really care about the christians with cancer and heart desiese? Can He really understand, me or really know me, the way I feel and act and question , just about everything? Then I remember what Jesus said, Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavey laden, and I will give you rest, take my yoke upon you and learn of me. It brings back memories of times that we all have worked hard and struggled, seeking a better way of life for our children. Can we be honest with ourselves and lift up our hands church, How many here today, has ever felt this way, how many here can lift their hands and say, that youve wondered, if God really loved you or why God would take out time just for you? Lets see them.........Amen. Does God really love me? Yes He does, but why, why a people that have a hard time loveing each other? The answer is found in Genesis, John and with Noah. God saw the state of man in the days of Noah and decided to repent, that He had created man. But with Noah, He saw what He always wanted, a family. Genesis is easily broken down to three parts, which gives us our answer, 1. Generation, The rise of Man, creation and birth. 2. Degeneration, The fall of man, sin, murder and power. 3. Regeneration, The rebirth of man, religion, worship and reconsilation with God. God really loves us, because, He wants the same thing that we want, children, to love and hold and nurish, to have a family to take care of and to raise, to instill in us His vertues and spirit, His way of life and eternal power. To have an heir to His kingdom. How many here today can say that when you finally married, that you still felt a emptyness in your heart, that needed to be filled, and when you first saw your baby son or daughter your heart leaped with joy and pride? Your home would no longer be empty, the shadows would all go away, the sights and sounds of your child playing in the home, that youve prepaired for them, was now a place of happiness full of laughter and amazement at all the new things that you saw your child do? Thats what God wants, and will have. Not just a child but children, multitudes and multitudes of them, His house is big, He wants to fill it to the brim and overflowing. Remember what Jesus said, In My Fathers House are many mansions.....He said, Many, These are for us, a real home that will never pass away. Does God really Love me, Yes, and when someone refuses to Have God as His Father that child, that God wanted so much, Dies in his sins, and God greaves with Jesus, Just as we would greave at the loss of a child. If your Lost today and dont have God as your Father and Jesus as your Saviour, Please dont let Satan take you away from your inhearentance, dont let him take away a child from God, Dont let Jesus cry again for the children that die to sin and will never be able to enjoy the Home that has been prepaired for you. Instead of being born into life dont let Satan burry you in the lake of fire, dont let him laugh at you, as you are cast into hell.Give your life to Jesus, now, today before its to late. We dont hafe to wonder any more or ponder the question, Does God Really Love Me. ars.

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