Summary: Does Satan Really exist? Pastor Aubrey unpacks the source guide the Bible and shows the facts as seen in the evil in the world, occult practices & personal experiences.

Does Satan really exist?

To some people Satan is merely some mythological figure, a figment of our vivid imaginations, (cartoon character on TV) simply a bit of fun . To others Satan is a genuine fallen being who has only evil intentions to inflict upon his victims, the Bible says he can appear as an ANGEL OF LIGHT but he’s a liar & a deceiver what appears as good often turns sour with serious consequences. I don’t know where you stand tonight, but I must say from the outset I believe that Satan is real and I want to unpack a number of lines of enquiry to show the validity of my assumption that Satan is Real..

• I want you to imagine you’re a detective and you’re at a crime scene, a murder , the corpse is lying face down on the kitchen floor with a bread knife perturbing out of the victim’s body, the crime has been committed, the suspect has fled, you are left to piece together what exactly happened from the evidence that’s left behind; So you start to gather the evidence firstly there is the direct evidence, (before your eyes – a dead body for instance & the knife) then you have forensic evidence ( fingerprints, DNA,) you may have differing eye witness accounts to gather from neighbours ( whether direct /circumstantial) all these lines of evidence are collaborated together to catch the culprit and to bring a strong case proving that Joe Boggs committed the crime.

It’s this type of collaborating evidence I want to bring together tonight in order to that Satan really does exist.

1. The Bible

To unpack Satan we must firstly go to a reliable source, that speaks of him and that’s the Bible. (2Tim 3:16 God breathed). This is not simply the thoughts of man about God and the world, it’s the very words of God to man, this is a reliable source because it’s given to us by God who was there in the beginning our Creator . So my first line of collaborative evidence for the existence of Satan is the authority of the Bible itself, which informs from the first book of Genesis (his origins) to the last book of Revelation (his end).

Satan’s origin.

When God first created the world it was very good (Gen 1:21) there was no evil angelic beings at this time. Then we see Satan in the form of a serpent (Gen 3 the fall). Therefore something in-between took place? An Angelic rebellion took place, these beings were cast down removed from God’s glory, (2Pet 2:4, Jude 6).

So Satan was an angel who fell (Isa. 14:12-15 Historical & metaphorical Hebrew literature) from a sinless high estate (Luke. 10:18). He was a created being who served God (Eze 28:14-19). This being had a free will, he choose to rebel against God, he desired to set himself up as God. (Isa: 14; 15) and there was a rebellion in heaven, hence God cast him out of heaven with a host of fallen angels with Him; He is the prince of this world and has a measure of control with a host of demonic forces. (Acts 10:38).

Satan’s influence.

The Bible says that Satan has a certain amount of influence in the world and over human lives today, ever since the fall back in the beginning in Genesis, where he was the serpent in the Garden of Eden, who tempted Adam & Eve & when they fell the whole of humanity fell. As a consequence of that first rebellion , we are all born in rebellion against God and are influenced greatly by Satan, we are no longer born as children of God ( hence the need for new birth John 3:3) we are now all born by nature children of Satan .

We share our fathers likeness, his influence is evident in our lives (Jhn 8:44). (pride, lust, lies, hypocrisy, greed, corruption, evil, & destruction, more ) we share these characteristics which are not of God ( goodness light) but of Satan (Evil darkness) , we manifest these traits & even promote some of these traits as a human race. Wickedness has become good and good has become wicked.

Satan’s Plan

The Bible says [1pet 5:8 ) He prowls around as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. Satan’s plan is to keep you from God, ultimately to destroy your life for all eternity; He may do that with pain and suffering which is brought about by following his vices, his lies, he leads us into things which breakdown lives like ( alcoholism, drug dependency, immorality, witchcraft, demonic activities, prostitution , crime and so on ).

Luke. 13:16 He blinds people physically and spiritually . He also appears as an angel of light , he may well give you success and pleasures and human intellect an awareness of self righteousness, fill you with pride, whereby you have no time for God, or reason God away with human theories and philosophies or create a God of your own imagination a counterfeit god. . Whatever he does, ultimately he desires you to live out a life of unbelief, a life whereby ultimately he keeps you sidetracked, without God .

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