Summary: Evolution explains little of the doubt surrounding creation while the Biblical account of creation remains the most trustworthy source.

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“Doesn’t Evolution Explain Creation?”

The Case for Faith Series

Genesis 2:1-7 (quotes taken from the NKJV unless noted)

Wakelee Church ~ February 20, 2005

Theme: Evolution explains little of the doubt surrounding creation while the Biblical account of creation remains the most trustworthy and faithful source.

Introduction –

OPENER - A doctor, an architect, and a lawyer were arguing over who had the oldest profession.

The doctor said, "Well the first operation was performed on Adam, so the medical profession is

the oldest."

"No," said the architect, "Architectural planning and design was needed to create the earth and

the universe out of chaos, so I represent the oldest profession."

"Where do you think the chaos came from?" asked the lawyer.

(Source: Brendon Bridges,

The debate between creationist and evolutionist has been around for hundreds of years. Darwin in his book Origin of Species (1859) brought the debate to the forefront and people have been arguing both sides since.

Today, we take up that argument. But I want to do it in a way that doesn’t create chaos. First, if you’re dying for an answer to the “Doesn’t Evolution Explain Creation?” question, let me relieve your stress…the answer is no…it does not.

But if you believe that the Biblical account of creation answers all the questions that revolves around the creation debate…I would also have to say no. Hence, the debate.

In the Case for Faith, the prominent evolutionist William Provine of Cornell University candidly conceded that ”if Darwinism is true, then there are five inescapable implications: there’s no evidence for God; there’s no life after death; there’s no absolute foundation for right and wrong; there’s no ultimate meaning for life; and people really do not have free will.”

(Source: Lee Strobel , The Case for Faith, p. 90)

Of course, this doesn’t sit well with those who believe in Biblical account creation.

But it is also obvious that faith in Jesus Christ does bring people to a point of transformation that evolutionary theorist cannot explain…

IILUS. For example, An anthropologist was studying a primitive tribe in South America that years earlier had been reached by a Christian missionary. After having lived among the tribe for several weeks, the anthropologist met with the tribe’s leader. He said, “You have a wonderful culture, but it is a shame that the missionary came and infected your tribe with his religion.”

The chief replied, “See that rock? That’s where we would break the skulls of our enemies. See that tree? That’s where we would sacrifice them to our God. And if we had not learned Christ was our Lord, you would be our dinner tonight.”

(Source: Brian Mavis,


I. What does the Bible Say?

Colossians 1:16 – For by Him all things were created that are in heaven and that are on the


Romans 1:20 – “For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen,

being understood by the things that are made…”

Psalm 102:25 – “Of old You laid the foundation of the earth, and the heavens are the work of

Your hands.”

QUOTE: Howard Hendricks said, “In the midst of a generation screaming for answers, Christians are stuttering.”

We shouldn’t be stuttering when it comes to creation. Simply, the message of Scripture is clear. What we can stake our foundation on is that ...


We do need to answer the the how and when of creation,that’s up for deabte even among Christians.

But we can answer without a doubt the who, the what, and the why...that’s the Biblical message.

(Note: Time is debated (the when) in the Bible. God’s time is not ours....“With the Lord one days is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like one day.” – 2 Peter 3:8)

II – The Six Theories of Recent Years…

Over the past twenty years, evolutionary scientists have attempted to answer the how and when and they keep getting tripped up when the Biblical evidence (the who, what, and why.)

Some of their lame attempts are included below...

1. Random Choice…warm little ponds of water eventually leading to life. This lost support because the odds are infinitesimal (1 in 10 with sixty zeros behind it.)

2. Chemical Affinity…there is an inherent attraction that would cause amino acids to spontaneously link up in the right sequence to create living cells. This lost support because a computer model couldn’t make it work with all living cells.

3. Self-ordering Tendencies…under certain circumstances systems will actually rearrange themselves to a more complicated form. This lost support because the complexity to rearrange and improve could never make the leap from non-living to living cells.

4. Seeding From Space…the building blocks of life came from somewhere else in space. Lost support because it still doesn’t prove where life actually came from.

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