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Matt 26: 20-25

Judas Iscariot

One of the CHOSEN disciples of Christ.

o A very important man

o Given a privileged position of Treasurer

o In Jn. 13, his proximity to Jesus at the Lord’s Supper indicated a position of importance.

God has so positioned some of us, in IMPORTANT positions

o Because of our gifts and talents

Also because of God’s plan to use us as a testimony of great Grace or wicked disobedience

Judas shows us that;

o Not everybody who gets a promotion --- Not everyone who holds an office or official position – is WORTHY

It is totally mind-boggling that God sometimes chooses us so that He can use our BAD example to teach others

Jesus HAD to see this coming…

Judas – Loner – had his own job and wanted no one else in his business

Judas acting Self-Important – as if no one else could do his job

Jesus had to have looked back at his background and upraising and seen in glaring red letters “DOES NOT PLAY WELL WITH OTHERS”


Love the Lord your God…

Love your neighbor…

I submit to you today that Judas was not chosen for what he had, but for what he didn’t have

Judas was a chosen disciple because there were 3 things missing in his life. Judas was:

1. Void of maturity

2. Void of motivation

3. Void of repentance

You can either be “sold out” to God or a “sell out” to God.

Judas chose to sell him out for the price of a slave. 30 small pieces of silver is all it took . What’s Your Price?

Judas lacked maturity:

In John 12. 1-6, Jesus was anointed by a woman who broke a jar of perfume and put it on Jesus feet. Judas objected to this because the perfume was worth a years wages.

His level of maturity is revealed in verse 6 when it says that he was a thief and helped himself to the offering bag for a little change.

This text paints the picture of Judas’ maturity.

He has heard the teachings, just like us.

He has experienced the miracles and power of God, like many of us. Yet he did not believe.

Judas was void of maturity because he was void of faith.

He did not, I believe, receive Christ as the son of God. He was looking out for his own.

Judas Lacked proper motivation:

This story of the woman anointing Jesus feet not only indicts Judas of being immature, but it also convicts of him of his motivation.

Judas motivation is the reason for his immaturity. He was selfish.

A 300 # man told his minister, "I’m so depressed and I can’t get any dates." "I’ve tried everything to lose weight."

The minister said, "I think I can help," "Be dressed and ready to go tomorrow at 8 a.m."

Next morning, a beautiful woman in a skintight exercise suit knocked on the man’s door. "If you can catch me, you can have me," she said, as she took off. He huffed and puffed after her.

This routine went on every day for the next five months. The man lost 115 pounds.

1. You have got to find the proper motivation for serving God.

2. You serve him because you love him. If you do not love him, it is because you do not know him.

3. What is your motivation for serving God?

4. If God is nothing more than fire insurance from hell, then you are missing the point.

5. Jesus has called you to abundant life.

6. He has come so that when the overcoming power of the world and peer pressure is at your door, you can say no to that and keep serving God in the most difficult situations.

7. In his betrayal, Judas asked the chief priests this question, “what are you willing to give me if I hand him over to you?”

8. I hear the same question today from young people, what can I get if I don’t serve God.

Judas’ life lacked repentance:

Once Judas did his deed and his conscience was seared he had a choice to make.

His act of betrayal finally got the best of him.

Let me stop here for a moment and say you can only play the game of being a bad boy/girl for so long.

o God will chase you down and speak to you about the decisions you are making.

At some point God will give you the chance to ask God to forgive.

o The Holy Spirit will show you the cross that Jesus died on.

o The time for repentance will come.

That time came for Judas in Matthew 27. It says that Judas returned the money and was remorseful.

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