Summary: Situations have a way of taking the wind out of your sail! Parenting can be tough, especially when one of your own is hurting and there’s no help to be found. Good news, there is hope and it’s found in Christ.

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"Dogs under the Table!"

Mark 7:28


I. Recently I met up with a long time friend at a conference in my home town. I hadn’t seen him for several years and during our reunion I discovered he had lost his nine year old daughter who had been struck by lightening at a youth camp.

What he said next shook the foundation of my heart, "Winson, God said to me, Satan is trying to do all he can to destroy you and your ministry. Remember this, not without my permission and it isn’t in my plan to let him."

A. It was at the time he explained how God had lifted him up to a newer height and, how wonderful his ministry had become, even in the midst of terrible circumstances.

Every parent faces those nightmares and fears the worst as they’re raising their kids. Whether you have childrten or not, living at best is hard in the Christian life.

1. Her name, no one knows for sure, the Bible plainly says she was a Syrophenician. Most of all she was hurting as a parent. In the following passages, we discover God at work in the worst of times. You might see your self!

Main Division

I. Her Problem (7:24-26)

Sometimes our struggles become our best tool for discovering the help we need. This mother found herself at the best place she could be during the worst of times, at the feet of Jesus. You might be thinking how horrible this is and why doesn’t God just remove your hurt. However, if not for the hurt you might not find the hope!

II. His Priority (7:27)

Some have considered Jesus’ words callous. He’s too loving to ever be. To Kind to be cruel, to wise to be wrong. He knew what she needed to hear even if to others it’s confusing. Don’t expect others to understand God’s will when your life is full of hurt.

III. Her Pride (7:28)

Amazing isn’t it. How she was so willing to strip herself of all her pride and come to Jesus. Often times it’s our proud and prideful heart that hinders us the most. Jesus is but a word away!

IV. His Pronouncement (7:29-30)

He said, "Go thy way..." What a wonderful Savior we have. It was as if He was saying, "Listen, don’t be bothered any more. Go on doing what you were doing before your situation, Your daughter is fine!" Life interrupts but Jesus intercepts!

Conclusion: He’s waiting for you today!

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