Summary: Three principles from the classic Mary/Martha story in Luke 10 to help us slow down the pace of life and learn to walk with God day-by day.

Futurist David Zach called what we do “hyperliving.”

We want to do more and more things in less and less time. Some of us carry around planners as tall as Terminal Tower. We say things like. “OK kids, let’s see who can take a bath fastest!” We buy time saving gadgets and don’t have the time to read the instructions to figure out how to use them. We do the multi-tasking thing, especially in the car. We drive, eat, drink coffee, listen to the radio, shave or apply make-up, talk on the cell phone, and make gestures – all at the same time!

At a stop light, if there are two lanes and each contains one car, we will find ourselves guessing – based on the year, make, and model of each car – which one will pull away the fastest.

At a grocery store, if we have a choice between two checkout lines, we find ourselves counting how many people are in each line, multiplying this number by the number of items per cart. After you get in line, we keep track of the other person who would have been you in the other line. If you get though and the person who would have been you is still waiting you feel like you’ve won! But if the person who would have been you is walking out of the store and you’re still in line, we feel depressed.

A Harvard economist says that the average American will work the equivalent of one month longer this year than twenty years ago.

It’s hyperliving.

A wise spiritual mentor once said to a hyperliving man, “You must ruthlessly eliminate hurry from your life. There is nothing else.” Last week I shared with you these words:

I believe that God never piles on more than we can handle. I believe that God never overbooks us. I believe that God never drives us to the point of breakdown. I believe that God never burns us out. I believe that God never gives us tasks that are beyond the strength He provides.

One busy man who is seeking to slow things down is Ed Sabo. Even in this down economy, his business is growing and placing more and more demands on his time. But he’s making some tough choices to slow down. I’ve asked him to share a little of his story today.

* * *

Good Morning! My name is Ed Sabo.

My wife, Jodie, our family, & I have been attending CVCC since Feb. 1999. We joined as members in November 2000. Jodie & I have 3 children: 22, 16 & 5 ½. God had a plan, and obviously we did not!

Rick asked me to let you know how God’s Word is working in my life. Through my time of prayer, reading scripture & the teaching of God’s Word, I have come to a point in my life where God has caused me to reflect more deeply on His will & purpose.

I am you’re proverbial type A personality, driven & goal oriented. I took a step of faith and started a business in Jan. 1995. I have been blessed to be in a business I enjoy and one that is growing. I work long hours because I have the God given ability to manage. My problem is I am also involved in many other activities with everything from BSF, soccer, swimming lessons, Boy Scouts, business trade associations, the Ohio Roundtable and my ’69 Chevelle (which is in pieces in the garage right now. I wonder why?!). Many of you know the feeling. All of these things are good things to “do”. But I am feeling exhausted & confused. I don’t think God wants me to stay that way.

I am struggling with decisions I am making right now and will make in the future regarding my family, career, and ministry. I want to be able to look more through God’s eyes about who I am and what His purpose is for my life.

I entered into a personal relationship with Jesus in April 1987. Looking back, I had a lot to do to straighten out my life. In those days those decisions were relatively straightforward regarding the mistakes that needed correcting. They were easy to see.

But today, as I study His Word privately at our men’s Bible Study Fellowship and as I worship & learn with you here at CVCC, I am having a difficult time in knowing what God wants of me or for me in the future. What direction I should go?

I am trying to be a good steward with God’s blessing in every situation I am involved in. But I know I am not enjoying the relaxing satisfaction and peace of accomplishing The Lord’s purpose in my life. I am running from one activity to the next with Day Timer & cell phone in hand. At times, I rush through things, including my Bible study, just to get them done & fool myself by saying “I did it” and then move on.

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