Summary: The purpose for which God sent His Son to die for us is to guide us to live and walk in obedience to His will here on earth as it is being done in Heaven.

Doing the Will of God: The Greatest Sense of Purpose.

Study Text: John 4: 31 - 34


- Jesus laid down for us a perfect example of what our priority and sense of purpose in life should be: Doing the Will of God.

- If you have truly met with God, your greatest desire and sense of purpose will be to do God's will, and you will ensure that you live for Him, regardless of your circumstances.

- Paul was persecuting the church before the Lord met him on the road to Damascus. His life was changed forever, and within three days he was filled with God's Spirit, and began to live to do the will of God. Acts 9:1-6

- When you do God's will, everything in your life is lived in His will, and It would be evident that you live in His will daily.

- There is no beauty that can be compared to the beauty that emanates from a person who walks with God. Do you know the will of God and are you doing His will?

- Everyone will still have to stand before Jesus, and He will say whether He knows you or not depending on whether you have done His will here on earth or not.

- We shall be discussing the topic under three subheadings:

1. Salient Discussion on the Will of God

2. Spectacular Discovery of the Will of God

3. Strong Determination for the Will of God

1. Salient Discussion on the Will of God:

- The will of God is everything God planned and purposed to be accomplished in the lives of His people here on earth, either known to them or not.

- Even though God will not force His will on anyone, He desires that His Children live according to His will, and walk in obedience to His will for them here on earth.

- Submissiveness and obedience of His people to His will, is what brings joy and glory to Him, and is an uncompromising condition to release His blessings and reward those that are faithful in doing His will. Psalms 1:1-5.

- Their blessings and rewards are not only limited to those that will be given to them here on earth, but also include the eternal blessings and glorious inheritance reserved for His people in His eternal Kingdom.

- Jesus taught us to include in our daily prayers to God: Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. The reason He came to die for our sins is to keep us in the will of God all-through our earthly sojourning, till He will call us home. Matthew 6:10

- One of the reasons why many Christians are confused about the will of God is because there are three spheres of God’s will that we need to understand very clearly. These are:

1. God’s Secret or Undisclosed Will:

- The secret things belong to the LORD our God, but the things that are revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may do all the words of this law. Deuteronomy 29:29

- There is an important distinction that is made here between what is secret and what is revealed.

- What is revealed belongs to us and our calling is to do it, but that which is secret belongs to God, and we cannot know it, but only known to God.

- What is God’s secret will? The Bible speaks about: The purpose of him who works all things according to the counsel of his will. Ephesians 1:11

- This means everything that happens is woven into the purpose of God, and nothing that happens is outside of His will. God works all things according to the counsel of His will. God is sovereign and that means His plans always prevail.

- Everything that happened to Job was the undisclosed will of God for Him, for God to prove to Satan that Job was faithful to God not because of the blessings, but because of his love for God.

- We see this supremely at the cross. Satan stirred up the events that led to the crucifixion of Jesus. But through this, God accomplished His plan to redeem the world. The Bible says: If they have known, they would not have crucify the Lord of Glory.

- This is a wonderful comfort to Christian believers. Nothing in your life is outside of God’s purpose or beyond His control. God might not disclose it, but He knows about it and has a purpose for it.

- Now, exactly how the events of our lives are woven into the Father’s plan we cannot tell, because these things are ‘secret,’ and the secret things belong to the Lord. They are a mystery to us, and so we often find ourselves asking, ‘Lord why?’ Why did you allow this in my life Lord? What good can possibly come from this? These are all questions about God’s secret will, and the secret things belong to the Lord.

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