Summary: A great challenge to the Youth of today; to obey and honor their parents, the way God intended them to do.

As I was preparing this message, I did not feel to preach tonight. In fact I felt to speak to our Youth. Mom’s and Dad’s, stick with us, I think you’ll like the direction I plan to take tonight.

If you would stand (remain standing) in honor to the reading of God’s Word. Let’s begin with The Book of Colossians.

Twice we read in your hearing that children need to honor and obey your parents. Paul is driving home the fact that we need to do that which is right in the sight of God.

Now I have dealt with young people long enough to know that there is at least one or 14 of you siting there tonight saying in your mind, “What if my parents aren’t right? Do I still obey them?!?!” Glad you asked!!! The answer is absolutely!!!

The 5th Commandment doesn’t say anything about whether or not you feel they are right, it does in fact say to honor them though and that your days will be long on the earth. (And if you don’t honor them, your days might not be so long on the earth….mom and dad say amen!!!)

I think it took me somewhere around 21 years to discover that my step-dad was an alright guy! I also discovered something else that weekend. I learned that he was right most of the time!

The Bible says in Prov. 1:8-9…. Your parents are given to you by the grace of God Young Person!!! They are a blessing that can not be replaced!

To those of you that have parents in the church, you have an awesome thing!! I would to God that my parents brought me up in this thing. I never had a mom or a dad that would just come up and hug me for no reason at all. I didn’t grow up in a home where gospel music was being played, and people were reading their bibles and talking about the good things of God.

And ya know what else, I didn’t know that there was a Heavenly Father to turn to when times got tough. You say it’s hard to be a Christian Young Person and your parents don’t understand!?!? Give me a break!! You don’t know what it’s like for things to be tough!!!

Ever had to sit under a pool table while your dad got in a bar fight!?!? Ever had to dodge the bull whip of one of your dad’s drunken buddies because he thought it was fun to hit you with it!?!? Ever sit on the roof of your front porch, because you couldn’t stand to hear your parents knock each other around the house?!?!

I’m not saying all this to get sympathy tonight, that was all in the past…in fact, I haven’t thought of those things until preparing for this message. I said them to wake you up tonight!!! A Godly mother and a God fearing Daddy are prized possessions!!!

And don’t you get upset at your parents and do something you may regret later on. They do the things they do because they love you. The Bible teaches them to correct and chasten their little ones.

Last Tuesday the Pastor gave our parent a few points concerning the family. I’d like to take the opportunity to reiterate a couple of those points and address them to our Young People.

Point 1 – We need to communicate.

Young People, let your parents know your feelings, your goals, your heart’s desire.

Point 2 – Cultivate Good Relationships

With your parents.

The Word of God tells us that the Holy Ghost is “to you, your children, and to all that are afar off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call.”

The Holy Ghost is a Promise of the Father. God has told us that if we will repent and be baptized in Jesus name that we are promised the gift of the Holy Ghost!!

The word promise means: to assure, encourage, vow, to swear, or to engage. I was studying a few weeks ago concerning the word promise when The Lord gave me a revelation!

In order for this promise of God to become what God intended it to be, we must engage it.

It’s going to take more than a vow, or a encouragement for us to be what God wants us to be. It’s going to take more than assurance on our part that we are Christians.

It’s going to take ACTION!!!! To engage or engulf ourselves in the kingdom of God means we must totally sell out to Him!!!!

No matter the cost God, no matter what it takes. No matter what I have to go through, no matter what anybody thinks…. I’m going to give my all to you God.

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