Summary: This is the 4th sermon in the Action Series. This series began during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Series: Action [#4]


Acts 2:22-41


Every year, congregations all over the world have extravagant church services with all of the lights and effects. This year is a bit different. Some congregations are trying to step up the level of their online service, while others are having “Drive-In” services. I have said for many years and will continue to say this, “For Christians, every day should be a celebration of the birth, life, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ”. While most of us are at home watching this, I don’t want to box in Easter. Just because we are not meeting together in a building, does not mean that we cannot celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. You can choose to box in this Easter as the worst Easter ever; or as a beautiful time to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Do not box in the power of the resurrection of Jesus. Don’t treat this day as a bad day. Don’t look around and feel sorry for yourself.

Last week, we studied the beginning of Peter’s sermon. He began his sermon by preaching about a prophesied time when all of God’s people would have the Holy Spirit of God within them. Let’s continue to study this sermon that Peter preached on the Day of Pentecost.

Acts 2:22

Do not try to box in the power of…

1. Jesus’ earthly ministry.

Jesus lived on this Earth in human form for 33 years. During those 33 years, He never sinned- He was perfect. His earthly ministry began when He was 30 years old. During His earthly ministry, Jesus performed many miracles. Each of these miracles was to show who He was. He was showing those around Him over and over again that He was working through the power of God. In fact, He was the promised Messiah- The Son of God.

Many people have believed that Jesus was a great healer, a great teacher, and great leader; but they have never realized how powerful His earthly ministry was. Without the virgin birth, there is no resurrection. Without living a perfect life, there is no sacrificial lamb. Without showing Himself to the people of Israel, there was no miracles and revelation of His identity.

Acts 2:23

Do not try to box in the power of…

2. Jesus’ death.

Without the death of Jesus, there would be no salvation from sin. God knew before He created this world that man would sin, and that sin would separate us from God. The death of Jesus had been planned before the foundations of the Earth were laid. I want you to notice a particular word that is used twice in this verse- “You”.

We have all sinned and because of that, the word “you” applies to each of us. Our sins handed Jesus over to be crucified. Our sins put Jesus to death on a cross. While Jesus was on the cross, He became the sin of all of the world. Jesus went from the only perfect person to ever live on this earth, to the greatest sinner ever. Without Jesus’ death, there is no resurrection.

Acts 2:24-32

Do not try to box in the power of…

3. Jesus’ resurrection.

When Jesus died, He went to Hell. The wages of sin is eternal death. This is important to understand, because when Jesus physically rose from the dead; He did so because He had victory over sin, death, Satan, and Hell. When Jesus ascended from Hades, He took all of those, (including David) who had been found righteous into Heaven. Those Old Testament people who had been found righteous were waiting for Jesus to arise from the dead so that they could enter into Heaven.

Acts 2:33-36

Do not try to box in the power of…

4. Jesus’ heavenly position.

When Jesus ascended into Heaven, He took His position at the right hand of God the Father. Jesus is at a place of honor. Jesus’ position gives Him power over His enemy. There is no one or nothing that has power over Him. God the Father gave Jesus the promised Holy Spirit to pour out upon all who trust in Him.

Jesus has been through everything that we have been through and worse. He understands betrayal. He understands persecution. He understands going through challenges. Jesus knows what you are going through and has the power to give you victory in all things.

Acts 2:37-41

Do not try to box in the power of…

5. Jesus’ salvation.

When the people heard that each one of them was responsible for the death of the Messiah because of their sins; they were cut to the heart. A person does not know that they need to be saved; until they realize that they are a sinner- That’s what happen to these people. Without Christ, there is no hope for eternity.

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