Summary: Whatever you eat or don't eat, drink or don't drink is not a standard for others to go by in the Kingdom of God. Don't let your meat and drink lead others away from Jesus. Let your life draw many unto Jesus always

May the peace of the Lord be with you.


Romans 14:13-19 King James Version (KJV)

13 Let us not therefore judge one another any more: but judge this rather, that no man put a stumblingblock or an occasion to fall in his brother's way.

14 I know, and am persuaded by the Lord Jesus, that there is nothing unclean of itself: but to him that esteemeth any thing to be unclean, to him it is unclean.

15 But if thy brother be grieved with thy meat, now walkest thou not charitably. Destroy not him with thy meat, for whom Christ died.

16 Let not then your good be evil spoken of:

17 For the kingdom of God is not meat and drink; but righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost.

18 For he that in these things serveth Christ is acceptable to God, and approved of men.

19 Let us therefore follow after the things which make for peace, and things wherewith one may edify another.

Hallelujah!!! We bless God for the resurrection of Jesus Christ which is evidence that our faith is not in vain.

Jesus died and resurrected for all so anyone who believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life.

Beloved the Salvation of man which makes him righteous, gives man peace and joy in the Holy Ghost is more important than food and drink in the Kingdom of God.

The salvation of man is so important to God Almighty that He wants nothing to lead any man astray so the Apostle Paul warns us not to be a stumbling block in anybody's life.

Beloved, don't live your life judging right or wrong in other people's lives. That is none of your business. You are not his judge nor his creator. Just mind your own business and don't cause anyone to miss his way because of what you feel is good or bad.

Don't worry people with trivial issues. Don't make issues that are of no effect be of effect.

Whatever you eat or don't eat, drink or don't drink is your business and not your brother's business. Don't use your diet to set rules for others because of what you have chosen to believe or think.

In everything you do, becareful it doesn't lead people away from Jesus.

Let your life rather draw many unto Jesus that any will have salvation through that.

Beloved, *IT'S ALL ABOUT JESUS* and no one else. Jesus led His life to draw many unto Him while still maintaining the ways of righteousness, peace and joy in Precious Holy Spirit. We ought to look up to Him and follow in same manner to the glory of His Holy name.

Prayer: Daddy please help me to live a live that will draw more people to Christ rather than drive them away from Him. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.



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