Summary: Many people gathered before Jesus for healing, but God wants us to gather before Him every single day. Understand the nature of God’s power, do not let yourself be too busy for God, and take responsibility as a Christian to live a Christian life and to do His work.

Don’t Lose Your Focus on God

Mark 1:32-34

Jesus was mobbed by the crowds. Because He taught with authority and healed those who were possessed by an unclean or evil spirit. The crowds all sought him out. The passage tells us that the entire city was at his doorstep. The crowds came to Jesus with their brokenness and said, "Fix me." People who were sick, hopeless, and desperate came to Jesus because he offered a glimmer of hope in a hopeless world.

The demanding crowds came because they wanted something. And, of course, there may have been some people who did not come to capture a new vision for life. They did not come to seek the kingdom of God. They came only for physical healing and not spiritual healing. They came because Jesus had what they wanted most. He had what they could not find by themselves -- health of mind and body.

There are many people who only seek God during a crisis. Psalm 107:6 says, “Then they cried out to the Lord in their trouble, and He delivered them out of their distresses.” For every 1 prayer of thanksgiving, there are ten prayers of demands and requests. God often hears the words, "Lord, get me out of this mess, and I'll serve you the rest of my life." Have you made a prayer like this before? Those who never pray to God when the sun is shining, always begin to pray when the storm clouds come, and when the cold winds of adversity blow. For most people, religion is like a "crisis affair." Those who rebuke God, often cry out “Oh my God, save me” when crisis happens. The remarkable thing is: regardless of how or when we come to Him -- God is there!

But, dear children of God, we must live our lives continuously seeking God’s face. Today we are going to meditate about: making sure we do not lose our lives to the ways of the world. When we go to large amusement parks or malls, our parents will tell us to hold their hands. Why? Because we can be easily swept away by the crowd. Just as we can be easily swept away by the busy ways of this world, and forget to seek God until our times of crisis. Through this passage, Jesus sets an example of how to maintain our focus on God.

Understanding The Nature of God’s Power

Now, there are several important factors in this passage. First, Jesus did not allow the demands of the crowd to determine the nature and purpose of His ministry. The next morning after healing many people and casting out demons, Jesus prayed in a solitary place. Read with me in Mark 1:35, “Now in the morning, having risen a long while before daylight, He went out and departed to a solitary place; and there He prayed.” When the crowds began to gather, Jesus was nowhere to be found, His disciples came looking for him. Finally they found him and they reported to Him: "Everyone is searching for you." They felt that it was Jesus' responsibility to comply and fulfill the wishes of the crowd.

This is the same mistake many of us can make. Too often we convince ourselves that God will always comply with all our demands. But, sometimes, the demands of the crowd and the demands of God can differ. When you focus on your needs before the needs of God, this can become one of the most damaging shortcomings in your Christian life. God and the gospel are so much more. God needs us to meditate on His word, share His word, and pray. We must seek spiritual healing and nourishment just as much as we seek physical healing.

Therefore, secondly, Jesus calls upon His children and disciples to match their healing demand with faith. Jesus once told the leper who was healed, “Arise, go your way. Your faith has made you well” (Luke 17:19). God calls on us to have faith, and we show faith in God through prayer. Jesus shows us as an example of faith in the power of prayer from the passage. When Jesus was going to meet the demands of His people, He first had to meet with the Father. When He was going to speak meaningfully with the people, He had to first allow the Father to speak to Him. Prayer does not do the task for us, however, it strengthens us for the task to be done.

So, firstly God calls us to focus on our spiritual needs just as much as our physical needs. We may need a physical healing, but God needs our hearts. Therefore, as Christians, we must seek God even in good times. Secondly, God wants us to show faith through prayer. It is through faith that God provides us with healing. (Mark 11:22, Luke 1:37, John 14:13) This is the nature of God’s power. God’s power seeks your heart and calls for your faith. But this can only be accomplished when you give time for God. Many people in this generation are extremely busy. We have school, extra curricular activities, college, exams, work, and families. But, are you making time for God?

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