Summary: Life is to short, to fall for the tricks of the enemy, we should be just like “sweet brown” you know the lady that coined the term, “ain’t got time for that”

Don’t like the script, then rewrite it!

Ill. Ron Hutchcraft tells the story of Harold.

Harold wanted to be in the annual Christmas play which was always a big production in his town.

But Harold was not the top student in his class and seemed to have a lot of problems.

The directors of the children’s play did not want to hurt Harold’s feelings, but they were worried about whether he could handle a part.

They finally decided to give him the part of the Inn Keeper. All he had to say was, “I’m sorry, there is no room in the Inn.”

Well, the night of the big play came and the church was packed.

At the precise moment Mary and Joseph came and knocked on the Inn door.

The whole village of Bethlehem shook as Harold tried to open the cardboard door to the Inn which was stuck.

At last he got the door open, and the pitiful young couple wa standing there looking all too real to Harold,

but with a little coaching he blurted out the words: “I’m sorry, all the rooms are full, and there’s no room for you here.”

The couple turned sorrowfully away and began to walk off stage when all of a sudden the door of the Inn swung open again,

and Harold ran up to the couple and said in a loud voice so that everyone could hear,

“Wait a minute. Come back. You can have my room.” It was a great addition to the play, even though it was not in the script.

Harold didn’t have to think twice about it, he didn’t like the way the script was written and the outcome it presented, so he rewrote it.

Although some would have said that he didn’t have the power to do what he did and that it shouldn‘t have happened,

But yet when he spoke the words, addressed the situation and the outcome was altered, that very moment.

Matthew 12:35 NKJ

A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good things, and an evil man out of the evil treasure brings forth evil things.

The MSG. says it this way, “Words are powerful; take them seriously. Words can be your salvation. Words can also be your damnation”

So many people go through life, feeling as though they are stuck in a rut,

Day after day making proclamations that keep them right there in that rut, leaving no way of escape,

day after day, month after month, year after year and before you know it, an entire lifetime slips by.

In the entertainment world, if the story line in the script is not going the way that they think it should go,

It goes back to the writers for a rewrite and they work on it, until they get it right.

In our lives, or I should say in most peoples lives, if they don’t like the way the story is going, they really want it to change, but somehow it just never seems to happen for them,

For some reason, it just keeps going down the same path, same old stuff and the only thing that changes in their world, is the days of the week.

Like the movie Ground Hog day, it just keeps playing over and over, and they never attempt to do anything about it, or try to alter it.

They say or think things like,

*I’ll never have anything nice

*I’ll never get out of here

*I’ll never have anything new

*I’ll never, and probably never will either!

Knowingly or unknowingly, their words become their own damnation and demise!

It doesn’t have to be that way, TBS. your words can be your salvation, Starting with your personal Salvation!

The very moment Jesus becomes your Lord and Savior, your destiny is changed and altered forever!

I’m sure we all remember the movie it’s a Wonderful Life, how George Baileys life is erased from existence,

with one request, he wishes he never had been born and suddenly his destiny and everyone that mattered to him is changed

and later, he realizes exactly how much power his words have and changes them around.

Ill. Jimmy Stewart shared the story about the filming of the movie, It’s a Wonderful Life.

“It’s hard to explain. I, for one, had things happen to me during the filming that never happened in any other picture I’ve made.

In one scene, for example, George Bailey is faced with unjust criminal charges and, not knowing where to turn, ends up in a little roadside restaurant.

He is unaware that most of the people in town are arduously praying for him.

In this scene, at the lowest point in George Bailey’s life, Frank Capra was shooting a long shot of me slumped in despair.

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