Summary: A word of comfort to those who would worry.

Don’t Worry Be Happy!

By Ian Biss 7/15/01


Mordecai Ham emerged as an evangelist from Kentucky at the turn of the century. He had a background in business and the study of law. From the very beginning his approach was zealous and blunt. Rather than sit and talk with Christians at revival sites, Ham insisted on being taken to the worst sinners in the community. On one occasion a non-believer hid in a corn field, but Ham tracked him down. The man asked what his intentions were, and the evangelist said he was going to pray for God to kill him. When the man protested, Ham told him he shouldn’t be bothered, since he didn’t believe in God, anyway. But if there was a God, then death would be appropriate for a man who had poisoned his family’s spiritual prospects. The lost man begged him not to pray for his death, so Ham relented and prayed for his salvation. At the final meeting Ham baptized the man and his family.

* Leadership Journal, Fall 1988, p. 32

A Christian is supposed to be living a victorious life. There should be nothing standing in the way of your relationship with God, or with the lost. You are saved then left here to show God’s power to the world. Do you realize that? You who have a relationship with Jesus Christ are the most protected, power filled people on the face of the earth. Nothing nor anyone can do a thing to harm you when you’re in Christ!

God is right there with you so don’t worry be happy!

Read text: Matthew 6:25-33


This passage of scripture is often associated with material possessions, and you will rarely hear it preached beyond that realm. Though what we are seeing in these words of our Savior is God showing His love for us by providing for our basic needs: food and clothing.

There is so much more to learn from this passage! My bible is a New Scofield, and before vs. 25, Pastor Scofield has this to say about the scripture that follows: The cure for care. He is saying that these verses contain the medicine that you need to take for your fears and worries. If you follow this regimen given by order of the Great Physician your worry will be healed!

Isn’t that a wonderful thing? God will take care of all your fears and worries.

Jesus gives some interesting examples in these verses of how great His love is for not only you, but for his entire creation.

He says...

Look at the birds. ( vs 26)


Let’s consider the birds for a moment, very soon we will be seeing flocks of birds flying south for the winter. They do this to escape the cold and to find more abundant food supplies. If the birds didn’t do this, in most cases they would die, and no one has to tell them to do this, God has built this wisdom into birds because He loves his creatures and wants to take care of them.

Consider what Jesus has said about birds, they can’t plant crops, they can’t harvest crops and store it in barns, yet they are still fed, they still have water because they have the same provider that you have----God Himself gives all that you need!

Then He questions the group with Him. He asks; "Are you not much more valuable than they?"

His question is actually a statement, He is saying that you are more important than the birds, you are much more precious than they are!

His inference is that if He is taking care of the birds, who are less precious than you, then doesn’t it stand to reason that He will care for you?

God will take care of you before the animals, so there is no need for you to worry about yourself, God’s got you covered, so be happy!

If God only put you before the animals, that would be enough, but He doesn’t stop there, Jesus says that you come before the plants.

Consider the Lilies (vs 28-30)


Have you ever been in a field of wildflower? It is the most beautiful sight, the colors and spacing and shades are perfect. Nothing man can accomplish comes close to the beauty of a field of natural wildflower.

It is interesting that Jesus compares the beauty not of wildflower, but of one of the grandest flowers of them all, the Lily. The lily is the flower associated with the resurrection of Jesus. Is there a more beautiful flower?

He declares in vs. 29 that even Solomon wasn’t dressed as wonderfully as a Lily. Solomon was the richest king ever, he was finely dressed. And He reminds us that God takes care of the lilies of the field, they have been clothed, you most certainly will be clothed before them!

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