Summary: This is a story about one of the miracles Jesus performed and in this story He starts by feeding the Five Thousand crowd besides women and children

This is a story about one of the miracles Jesus performed and in this story He starts by feeding the Five Thousand crowd besides women and children

** after that He tells His disciples, "go to the other side"____Jesus wanted to first dismissed the crowd and after that He went into a mountain and prayed alone

* one of the things i love about this story is that Jesus is aware what was gonna happen, but He doesn't tell 'em

** so as the boat was at a considerably distance from the land, a great wind rose

** Jesus went to them in foot walking on water

** what happened as the disciples were inside the boat ?

1) they cried out with fear for help ( Matthew 14:26)

__when you r inside a boat u don't trust yourself, u trust the safety the boat brings or provides

__fear is the result of not having faith

__the disciples already knew the power and authority that Jesus had

__but yet they cried out with loud voices in fear

2) they were in doubt ( Matthew 14:30)

__ peter went to Jesus but hi heart was still in the boat

__ when u get out of a situation and you still brings out the past, u r going to fail or sink in deep waters


3)they are in the natural (Matthew 14:26)

__ in the boat you see things in the natural

__ as the disciples saw Jesus walking on water the text says "they were terrified" and they thought He was a ghost

__when you see things in the natural, u begin to reason, u seek human explanation and justifications

__ the disciples didn't know they were walking and eating day by day with the Son of God

__ the natural will terrify you

__ in the natural it is impossible to see God

__ in the natural it is impossible to touch God

__ in the natural it is impossible to have faith

**what is found outside the boat?

1) The Son of God

__ Jesus is not inside the boat He is outside the boat, His presence is outside the boat, His power is anointing is out the boat

__Jesus will always be found in places where we think we r gonna die

__ our responsibility is to see Him and go to Him

2) outside the boat lies the supernatural

__When you r in a territory governed by the Son of God, you become victorious

__if you r still stuck inside the boat (addiction,pride,...), you wont experience the supernatural in your life

3) outside the boat lies our victory

__Jesus will fight all your fears, all your insecurities

__Jesus wants to see us to become like Him

**its not like peter had faith on that day, No!____it was because Jesus transferred all His strength and authority to peter that He could walk on water

___Jesus had already taught His disciples this, what is impossible with you guys, it possible with God

___as i get to think about this more peter was the only one who asked Jesus if he could walk on water, i think if all of them had asked Him, he would have said no, m coming to you guys wait there

a)because after that they would have said, it was because we believed that's why we walked on water with Him

b)if all of them had to drown because of a little wind, He couldn't split His body to save all of them at the same time

**sometimes when you God to favor you or bless you ask things that not everyone is asking for o praying for

__ all the disciples were asking to be saved, but peter asked more than just to be saved

__you need to start asking for more and bigger things that not everyone is asking God

__ if your friends are asking for a job, ask to own a company!

**in the boat you can only find:

1) natural

2) fear

3) doubt/unbelief

4) sickness

5) failure

6) disappointment

7) imperfections

8) weakness

9) impatience

10) hatred

11) all kinds of sin

12) unrighteousness

** outside the boat you can find the:


2)favor of God

3)Son of God

4)presence of God


6) opportunities

7)grace of God

4) the presence of God in which you can achieve all that you want, ask or think according to the power that is working within you

** what you are unable to do inside the boat , you are able to do outside


**move to the place where there is freedom

** Christ is calling you out

** if you continue to remain in that addiction, failure, past, hatred, attitude, guilt, incapability____you will drown

__ if you continue to remain in your own strength you fail

** begin to realize today that you can do everything that God called you out to do with His strength and favor

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