Summary: It is only God who helps His children achieve their goals and dreams. despite challenges and circumstances, don't give up.

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“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you have imagined. As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler.”

- Henry David Thoreay

Childhood years are the years are the years of great aspirations. These are the years when little boys and girls begin to dream big, have a glimpse picture of tomorrow, imagine and think of the desired future to mention but a few. Often made are statements as; “I would be a Medical Doctor”, “I would like to be a Barrister when I grow”, “I will like to graduate with a first class honors at the University grade” etc. In these statements, lie the great aspirations of children.

Sad as it is, not all who dream and aspire big end up actualizing their dream. Some are gradually swept away from their ambitions and some are totally drifted away by the floods of circumstances and challenges.

As some people begin to grow and confront life’s occurrences, they begin to forge their aspirations. While some begin to reduce their standards, others prefer to settle for nothing less than “manageable” which most times, prevents these aspirations from beholding the face of reality.

Some people are plagued with challenges as loss of parents, financial constraint, academic incompetence, health problems or even previous failure experience(s). As a result, they conclude that such ambitious ends can no longer be met because according to them, the ‘means to these ends’ has been tampered with.

But to speak of a truth, the journey to greatness or success has never been, it is not and never would it be an all rosy one. In life, challenges are inevitable because they most times occur for testimony sake – that is when you are able to subdue the challenge at the end. It is often said that “There is no present without a past and neither is there a future without a present”. Suffice it therefore to say that a man’s future is a conglomeration of the series of his past and present life. What makes a future great is not only the present state of affairs but the chain of events that has led to the present state of affairs. Without challenges, life’s story would never be complete, accurate, or interesting. If life has to go rosy at all times, then one would never know nor acknowledge the value of success or greatness.

The years of challenges should by in no way, puncture our great ambitions. For what makes a man successful in the real sense of the word “success” is how much and well he is able to nurture his aspirations and overcome his challenges. Most people often use their life challenges as excuse for failure but I would say, show me a man who has failed and I will show you a man who has allowed his challenges to overthrow him but show me a man who has made success and I will show you a man with a dream, a man who never permitted his years of challenges to flush him off the route to greatness.

Let me present to you a man who failed in business in 1831, defeated in the legislature in 1832, failed again in 1834, lost his wife in 1835, had nervous breakdown in 1836, defeated in election in 1836, defeated for congress in 1846, defeated for senate in 1855, defeated for vice president in 1856, defected for senate in 1858 and YET, elected President in 1860 in USA. This is an icon of all ages. I present to you, ABRAHAM LINCOLN.

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