Summary: A message for an outdoor men's gathering, included as a series of messages by other ministers from the same passage.

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Acts 20:26-27

Intro: Blood matters. Had we never been told this, there would still be a sense of it.

I remember watching my son around age 2, when he would get a scrape. The pain wouldn’t be such a problem. He would be mostly fine, until he’d look down at the cut knee or finger and see his blood seeping out. Then, the sense of foreboding would come over him! He was bleeding! Blood doesn’t belong on the outside!

Then, we learn about blood. We learn that it can transfer viruses, like HIV, and we have to handle blood with special caution. We learn that we don’t cure fevers by draining the blood out of a sick person.

We learn that our bodies depend on blood. In fact, about 1 of every 7 people entering the hospital needs blood.

Blood matters. Lev 17:11 God said it matters because life is in the blood. When we talk about requiring someone’s blood, we’re talking about life. When we see pictures of the aftermath of some terrorist’s car bomb, the pools of blood on the street are sobering, because those pools were someone’s life.

Blood matters – from the very first animal death to make clothing for Adam and Eve

To the blood of Righteous Abel

To the 1st sacrifice that was made after Noah left the ark

To the blood requirement God said would be made for anyone who sheds man’s blood

To the blood of a lamb that the Lord Himself provided to Abraham on Mt. Moriah

To all of the sacrifices of the OT, rivers of blood around the altar from hundreds of thousands of animals

To the sacrifice of a pair of doves or 2 young pigeons at the temple when Jesus was an infant

To the Passover lambs, slain over the centuries all over Israel right on through to the Lamb of God, Christ, our Passover as He was beaten, crucified, and pierced. Blood matters.

Since it was first spilled, blood on the outside has meant 2 things: guilt and death.

Misplaced blood means life is lost.

Remember Shakespeare’s Lady MacBeth? Act 5, scene 1, Lady Macbeth is sleepwalking, musing over her guilt in the murder of King Duncan. She envisions a stain of blood that can’t be washed off her hands. She calls it a “damn’d spot!” It’s true. Let’s call guilt what it is: eternity in Hell. Life, lost.

I’m speaking 1st to men. Men, we should lead. God has called us to be leaders in our homes, His Church, and in our communities. I’m also speaking to manly men who have driven to MI, who are sleeping outdoors, and some who have been doing this for years. So, I’m speaking to people on the frontlines when it comes to building up this thing which is the House of God, the Pillar and Foundation of the Truth – a situation very similar to the text of Acts 20.

It is a tender scene. Paul has spent 3 years in Ephesus – longer than any place where he preached. He has invested himself into the lives of the Ephesians. Now, passing through on his way to what seems to be the end of his race, he arranges a rendezvous with elders/pastors/overseers of Ephesus; the Leaders. There will never be another gathering of these same men on again on earth. Last words, for Leaders. Recorded by Luke, it takes just 2 ½ min. to read.

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