Too many people in the Church are deceived today concerning God's wisdom, word, will, and His way. They are following after their hearts instead of the Heart of God. David was a man after God's own heart, but it wasn't God who lead David to do what he did with Bathesheba. What we need to-day in the Church are well versed, well read, well God fearing folk. If this is not found in the Church today, then the Church of today will be as powerless as a car without gas. Too many are being lead away because of their liberal thinking. The Bible warns us five times, "not to be deceived." This phrase means not to be lead astray, not to be fooled, not to be influenced by some smooth talking Bible toting misinterpreting heathen.

I. DON'T BE DECEIVED ABOUT SECOND PLACE- (Duet. 11:16-23) (Most in the Church today think they can worship idols 6 days and God one day (some don't even give Him one day) and still be right.)

a.) Idol worship is forbidden in the 2nd commandment. Yes they still ap-ply to us today, (Israel's civil and ceremonial laws might not but moral laws still apply today.)

b.) Many think they can do the above and still have the blessing of God!

(1) If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me.

(2) Living the self life will not gain blessings, but will bring a loss.

c.) Read the passage God said you will not receive the rain, if they had no rain, they had no crops, if they had no crops they had not har-vest, no harvest, no fruit.

d.) Children will suffer if you have a heart for other god's.

e.) You will suffer if you have a heart for other god's.

f.) The world around you will suffer if you have a heart for other god's, if you for instance have a selfish bank account, missions will suffer.


a.) Sudden

b.) Soon

c.) Selective (only the truly born again Christian will leave at rapture)

d.) Sure- (Mt. 24:37)

e.) Sweet to those who are ready to meet Him. (2 Tim. 4:8)


a.) Everybody is not going to Heaven, regardless of what men say.

b.) Only those who have truly been born again will go to heaven.

c.) Notice and such were some of you, but you have been-

1.) Washed- not just half-way but completely, it takes soap and water to cleanse you properly, word of God is our soap and water.

2.) Sanctified- set apart for God and the things of God.

3.) Justified- declared righteous, not made righteous, that is a future event. What a blessing God declares us righteous because of Jesus.

4.) You are not the same anymore if you have truly been saved, maybe this is the problem, you just went through the motions.

5.) You have been born again, and this brings about a change.


a.) It does make a difference who you hang with.

b.) It is a fallacy to think that you can change them, they can only be changed by God.

c.) If you think hanging with them is enough you have been de-ceived, it takes you taking a stand on God's word and not backing up one bit, use discretion here.

d.) The only thing that will come out in an ungodly relationship like this is compromise.

e.) So don't be deceived about evil communications, it will hinder you, might be pronography or t.v. what ever is a mode of evil communications.


a.) What ever you sow in a garden you will reap, unless the garden is left unattended.

b.) Don't be deceived, if you sow it you will reap, to the flesh, corruption-

1) Worship as you desire,

2) Seeking earthly position, power, and honor

3) To party as you like

4) To seek the things of the world.

5) You will reap as you sow.

c.) Half-hearted service will reap half-hearted service in you kids.

d.) Talking about everyone will produce this kind of child.

e.) Showing a lack of submission, will raise up children that are not given to authority.

f.) Show spiritually so you can reap spiritual things and blessings.

g.) Son

h.) Don't faint for the reaping of good and great things are yet to come.

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