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Summary: We lack the texture, color and zeal of life because we have compromised on the Word of God!

Mysore Pak!

Deuteronomy 28:1 "And if you faithfully obey the voice of the LORD your God, being careful to do all his commandments that I command you today, the LORD your God will set you high above all the nations of the earth.”

Suddenly I had an urge to make Super Pak, sorry Mysore Pak which is a famous, rich, glowing, golden color sweet famous all over south India – no marriage is complete without it. Well, though from South India, I had never made that sweet, to start with I downloaded the recipe and went about it meticulously, until I came to the point where they say ‘to one cup of Besan flour add three times sugar and double the amount of ghee and also an additional quarter cup of oil.’ Imagine! This proportion was just superfluous, so I thought! I had to concoct my own proportions because I thought the original was too much and I added less of ghee and avoided oil completely. I was excited to see the Mysore Pak (my children called what I made Super Pak) take shape, I poured the contents into a plate and watched it anxiously – seemed to look good! The super pak was ready! After an hour the true color of the sweet emerged, it lacked the rich yellow color and also it was getting hard – sadly, it didn’t look like Mysore Pak at all! But by then, my children had taken photos of it in all angles and circulated it over the entire family group!

Now, because I compromised on the recipe and did not follow it meticulously and downsized and trimmed the ingredients as to my whims and fancy, I did get a sweet but not what I wanted, though – the super pak was not super at all! Likewise, we compromise on the rules and regulations ordered by our Lord for a perfect life and end up having ‘something’ but not what God has designed for us. We lack the texture, color and zeal of life because we have compromised on the Word of God! With the advent of night shifts and heavy pay packets, people have skipped church and hopped to work! People have forgotten the Bibles and memorized the ATM pin codes and passwords by heart! People have forgotten to fast but have visited every food joints in the city! No wonder there is phenomenal increase of demon attacks on Christian kids, divorces, abortions, illness, bankruptcy and every sort of plague is on the rise on Christian homes. Why? Because we have compromised with the key principles of Christian living! We falter, we fail, we persistently sin, yet we have humongous expectations from God! Are you there? It doesn’t work that way my friend!

Friend, you don’t have to apple-polish your boss or compromise your ethics if you uncompromisingly follow the Word of God; if you obey His Word, you would live a Super duper life. Are you listening? You don’t have to fear men or the appraisals if you have done your job faithfully and truthfully! You don’t have to fear failure or rejection if you have trusted in the spotless judgment of God! Relax. Your works would be rewarded!

After my encounter with Jesus and my salvation, I would fiercely hold on to His Word! Even the slightest deviation from the truth is a lie! Mark it!

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