Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Relationships are central to our lives. Who we connect with determines our destiny, our peace, and whether we live a full life.

Bovine Basics Part 1

“Don’t have a Cow”

Text: I Kings 11:28-31; 37-40, 12:20; 26-33

A. Introduction

Interesting story. Jeroboam is described as mighty young man of valor. He had favor with the king, Solomon. And beyond that he has even received a powerful word from God about his destiny. He will one day become king. He will one day rule. He will one day fulfill the purposes, destiny, and plans of God for his life. You could simply say that he is a destined young man. You could say he is a purposed young man.

Isn’t that what you have heard? You are a chosen generation. You are destined for greatness. You are designed for destiny. You are a generation that will bring change, revolution, and even revival! You have received words from God. You are favored by God. You are hand picked to shake the nations! That is who you are.

B. Lesson One

But notice again Jeroboam. He is called, chosen, picked by God, but Jeroboam goes from favor to fugitive. Solomon hears about the prophecy and immediately tries to kill him.

Not everyone will be happy about your destiny or your call.

I wished I could stand here and tell you that when you get the word everyone will stop and rejoice with you, celebrate with you, clap for you. But the truth about relationships is that some folks will be jealous. Some folks will have their own plans for you and be disappointed with you. Ask Joseph if everyone will celebrate your prophecy, your promise, your destiny? Somebody, maybe even those closest to you will throw you in the pit or under the bus. Jesus’ own family questioned his call.

C. Lesson Two

So Jeroboam runs for his life and hides out in Egypt for the rest of Solomon’s life. He is forced to leave behind family, friends, the comfort of home. He is inconvenienced. He is out of place. Persecuted for his purpose. Just because your life is marked by destiny doesn’t give you a free pass into a life of no pain, no trial, no heartache. In fact, what you should know going in is that if you are destined, if you have a purpose, if you have a call you will also be faced with trials, tribulations, and sometimes everything will hit the fan. Sometimes you will cry tears. Sometimes your heart will be broken. Sometimes you will have to endure pain in order to fulfill purpose. Sometimes you will have to fight off despair to find destiny. Sometimes you will have to go through crisis to answer the call. You had better count the cost before you answer the call.

That is where we pick up the story in chapter 12. Solomon is dead. Jeroboam is back on the scene. He has come home from Egypt. It appears that it is his time. The prophecy is about to come to pass. His destiny is about to be fulfilled. It is his day. The people come and anoint him as king.

D. Lesson Three

Now remember I Kings 11 describe Jeroboam as a mighty man of valor. He stood out among his peers. He was a leader. He receives a word from God that he has been chosen to be the next king. He is even given instructions on how to rule. He is to rule like David. He is to listen to the instructions of God. Rule with compassion, love, and under the guidance of God. But now, one chapter later once he has been made king, Jeroboam becomes an evil task master, and even goes one step further by building 2 golden calves and causes the people to worship the calves as God.

I want to get to this change of attitude and heart in just a second. But first there is a lesson to learn here. Just because you have a destiny, just because you have a word from God and a call on your life doesn’t mean that you can do whatever you want. (Slide 22a) Destiny has demands. To fulfill purpose you must stay pure. (Slide 22b) Your call does not give you the freedom to make wrong choices. In fact, it requires you to be even more careful about the choices that you do make! Some of you think that just because you have a promise, and just because you have been prophesied over, and just because someone has said you will accomplish this great feat and that great exploit, just because someone referred to you as a might man of God or mighty woman of God that you don’t have to guard your ears, eyes, or mind and everything will still be OK. But Jereboam teaches us that (Slide 23a,b,c) destiny can be lost, purpose can become perverted, and a call can be compromised. The price of destiny, purpose, and a call is more discipline, more responsibility, and more careful living!

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