Summary: This is the 3rd sermon in the series, "The Cure". This sermon ask the question, "Do you fit the characteristics of someone who is judging others"?

Series: The Cure [#3]


Romans 2:1-16


A common response to getting onto a teenager is, “Don’t judge me”. I will tell you that the world sees the Church as a place full of judgmental hypocrites. Now before we get going, if a parent, teacher, police, etc… gets on to you for breaking the rules or the laws; that is not judging. There are people who are to enforce rules and laws.

Through our text this morning, I am going to give you characteristics of a person who is judgmental. Let’s see where you fit. Are you a judgmental person?

Romans 2:1-2

A judgmental person…

1. Accuses others of sins that they are personally guilty of committing.

This is common. The things that others do that makes you crazy are usually the personal sins you have the most trouble with. It is human nature to accuse others so that you can get the focus off of your sin.

Romans 2:5-8

Each of us are responsible for ourselves. You will stand before God alone. It doesn’t matter what other people have done, you won’t have to answer for them. A Christian should be striving to be perfect each day. Just as Jesus said, “You need to stop telling people about the speck in their eye until you deal with the log in your own eye”.

Romans 2:3-4

A judgmental person…

2. Thinks that they are doing God a favor by judging others.

Churches are famous for this. We’ll take a prayer request and run with it. For example, “Pastor you need to pray for Brother Billy Bob because he keeps coming out of that single woman’s house and you know what that means.” The time that I heard this I said, “Yes, it means that he is going to see his sister.” The idea that your spiritual gift is judging others is insane.

Now, some of you may be thinking, “I thought the Bible tells us to confront Christians that are sinning”; and that is true, but you need to understand the “Big Picture”. You are not to go to them about their issue until you deal with you own. The difference between confronting a Christian brother or sister and judging them is love. If you go to them in love to help them so that they will have victory- Good; but if you are tearing them down because you caught them- That’s judging.

Romans 2:9-11

There are consequences for sin and rewards for getting it right. Let’s read these verses again.

Romans 2:9-11

A judgmental person…

3. Thinks they are right with God.

Some think this because they…

 Are Jewish.

 Have family members who attend Church.

 Go to Church.

 Work in Church.

 Read their Bible.

Romans 2:12-16

Just because you don’t murder and steal or break whatever Commandment is one of the “bad ones” doesn’t mean you are right with God. Many of us compare ourselves to others rather than to Jesus Christ. I have found that people who really are living a life that is right with God seldom say anything about that. They don’t have to.


We have the cure for sin- Jesus Christ. Let’s not push people away from Jesus by being judgmental. Let God change you.

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