Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Don’t Just Feel IT Lord Heal IT You can also listen to this message at www.preaching.co.nr (November)

LK 17:11 Commentators say Circumstances meant Jesus took an alternative rout to Jerusalem. Perhaps Because of Rejection/Un-receptiveness In Samaria which was the Normal / Direct Easy Usual Route.

Jesus stays away from Un-receptiveness, Paul Open Wide Your Hearts, Are You

But Just one invite all he needs, open closed doors he will come in. Any In You

However Hard the Church tries WE Can’t Prescribe How Jesus Should operate. WHAT WHERE WHEN HOW

However Hard the Church tries We Can’t make Jesus Predictable.

Its God’s His Way or No Way.

Ten standing begging, a mixed company, not on the Usual Route Had Still heard about Jesus, What he done.

Realised it was Jesus, Hope, Excitement, Expectancy Arose

Got so familiar with the Familiar Don’t Get excited any More. So Jesus has to come in an unfamiliar way. ILL Use Child, Sinner, prostitute

Ten Stood Religiously/social ostracized. Jesus has a heart for the disadvantaged vulnerable sinful,

Ten Stood at a distance, Not too far away for God to hear a cry for Mercy.

Symptoms very public Pain was very lonely. See it can’t feel it, Sympathise Empathise Can’t feel it, Jesus Suffered in every way, Cast you Care upon Him For cares for You

Ten Didn’t Want to Jesus to Feel IT, they wanted him to Cure IT Jesus Carried Sin Sickness To the Cross And There His Blood Dealt With IT. ,

Jesus in Unfamiliar manner didn’t touch, mud in eyes, did elaborate

He gave Clear Direct Instruction GO Show Self………

This would happen After Not Before a Person was Cured of Leprosy.

Healing was not Instant, Delayed, Took place after they departed.

Let not Live for the Instant Just Obey, what follows is the blessing of God.

Ten stigmatised Men now Ten Blessed Men. You Once Were….. But NOW you are blessed

Only One Returned What happened to the other 9?

Perhaps, so excite went on to see family, carried on to see priest, or maybe said its about time my blessing came and write a book on it.

Luke Makes the Point he was a Samaritan, other were Jews, Jesus A Jew Taken For Granted by his own, how often do we do that with the Pastor.

Seen people come get blessed, job wife, off they go without returning to Jesus

Issue not Saying thank you, It is the continuation of Journey / walk with or without the Lord,

You Can get something from Jesus but if not going on in life with the Giver we have not really got any thing.

You can also listen to this message at www.preaching.co.nr (November)

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