Summary: I preached this sermon to get the congregation to renew their dedication to serving the Lord. To help them realize it takes the whole congregation if we want the church to grow, not just one person. A lot of this sermon is personal therefore the intro a

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“Don’t Limit God With Man’s Limitations”

Theme: Our Service to God

Text: Romans: 12:1-21

Prop: Every Christian has the responsibility of service

Trans: Don’t let the mind of man dictate our service to God.

INTRO: I’ve been preaching at this church now for going on 10 months and I think I’m finally getting comfortable with being here. With preaching every Sunday, teaching Sunday school and doing all the other things that have to be done. Yet I must admit that coming up with a sermon each and every week is a difficult thing to do at times. It’s has taken me a while and some might say a long time to get comfortable.

In the last church I ministered at it took me around 4 to 5 months to get comfortable and to really start ministering. When I went to serve in that church I didn’t have to move, it was only 15 miles from my house. I did have to go from my home church and go to that church obviously, but it wasn’t a really big thing by a lot of people’s standards. However it took me a while, it was my first ministry and I really didn’t know what to do so it took me about 4 to 5 months to really get going. Once that happened the ministry I was doing really got going as well. The youth group started to grow, Maria and I got to know the kids on a more personal level and we really began building relationships.

Those relationships are ones that still continue today. We have kids from that youth group still call us up just to talk with us. They e-mail almost every week, and they have told us time and time again that they miss us and that they really want us to come back. To be honest with you we have been tempted to go back. Only a few months after we were here one of the elders there called us up and asked us to come back as well. It was and has been very tempting to do just that.

But I think about what it took here. I think about all the people that I talked with and about how they encouraged me to come to Leonard. They said that this church would be perfect for me. Many told me that I was not going to school to be a youth minister that I was going to be a preaching minister and this is what I needed. I thought to myself, yes that’s true and if I’m ever going to get better at preaching that I needed to get to a church where I could preach each and every Sunday.

Well I’m here and I have done just that, I’ve preached each and every Sunday. It’s been hard at times, but the hardest thing has been adjusting to living here. Not the ministry so much, but that we left all of our friends behind, we left our home, the kids left their school and we had to start all over in those respects.

Well, I started out by saying that I have been here for going on 10 months now and that I think I’m finally getting comfortable here. I know it has taken me a while and I feel that I need to apologize for that, I am sorry. But as I said with my last ministry when I got comfortable is when it really started to take off. Within the time I was at my last ministry the church had around 25 additions with around half of those being by baptism. That was only in a span of 10 months.

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