Summary: A call to avoid temptation and stay focused on God.

Don’t Look Back!

Genesis 19:1-29

Introduction: In Gen 13, Abraham and Lot part company. Abraham chooses God, Lot chooses the world. Though it came disguised as something beautiful (choice fruit in Eden), it was truly ugly and was his downfall.

I. The edge of temptation

A. Choosing for ourselves, we lack the wisdom of God in our choices.

1. Lot’s choices legitimized sin and ruined his testimony.

2. Lot’s poor choices ruined his testimony. He was unable to save others because they would not listen.

3. Lot’s family fell due in part to his poor choices.

B. We cannot afford to legitimize sin.

1. Our country legitimizes sin. – The Sodomites were blinded to the coming destruction.

2. All sin is perversion. Even if we would never dare to engage in sexual sin, we may not hesitate to lie or gossip.

C. Enter through the narrow gate.

II. Choosing God

A. Lot ignored God much of his life, but he chose God at a critical moment.

1. The angels entered Lot’s house at his insistence.

B. The angels snatched him back.

1. God chooses us too. – ILLUS p 170 – Paraplegic showing Satan the Cross

2. This may have been the answer to Abram’s prayer.

a. Our prayers are crucial in the salvation of others.

C. God’s power and grace delivers us from sin just as He delivered Lot. – ILLUS 1371 – Little girl sending Jesus to open door to her heart when Satan knocks.

1. Lot never seemed to grow in his faith.

2. 2 Peter 2:7-8 – Speaks of Lot as a righteous man who was tormented by the sin he experienced. God knows if Lot was saved.

III. Don’t look back!

A. There will come a time when it is too late to choose God over the world.

1. Lot’s hesitation is like our hesitation to turn completely away from sin (true repentance)

B. Don’t look back toward sin and Satan – Look forward to deliverance from temptation and to God.

1. God calls us to the mountain.

2. Don’t’ stop short of the mountain as Lot did. God will allow it, but it results in ruin because we choose to stop short of the glory of God.


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