Summary: A look at those who missed the baby that first Christmas day.

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Luke 2:1-7 – Don’t Miss the Baby (Carols Devotion)

Two men went to the train station with a friend. The train was late so they sat down for a cup of coffee. They talked and drank and forgot about the train. Suddenly they heard the last announcement about the departing train. They all got up and started running. They ran down the tracks as the train was pulling out of the station. Two of the men made it to the last car and the third man was just not fast enough. The third man slowed to a stop and started laughing. An onlooker went up to the laughing man and said, "What are you laughing for? You just missed your train."

"You’re right," was the reply. "I did miss my train. What’s funny is those two men came to see me off."

I think we are just like this guy who missed the train. But we don’t miss trains. Many of us miss Christmas. Now we don’t miss the day – but we miss the real meaning of the day – the fact that God came to this earth as a baby and his name was Jesus. Many people miss the baby so tonight I want to very briefly talk about some people who missed Christmas. Let me read a bit of the Christmas story to you

Read Luke 2:1-7

The Innkeeper

The first person who missed Jesus was the inn keeper. Inns in those days were like camp grounds for all weary worn travelers. People usually just spread out their mat on the floor and slept there. They weren’t really that nice a place. Well we are told that this particular year there were many travelers on account of a census being called. Ceasar Augustus, wanted more money so he imposed a tax. And to ensure he got what was owed to him, he wanted to count all the people, so everyone had to go and register where they were born and pay their dues. Well this meant that Joseph and Mary had to travel to Bethlehem. They most likely walked all the way. Mary was very pregnant though and pregnant women don’t travel quickly, so when they finally arrived at Bethlehem, the inn was full. There was no room for them.

If the innkeeper had known that the baby to be born that night was to be God – the creator of the world, he would have found room!!! But he missed the Baby. He was otherwise preoccupied with the concerns of the world. He was just too plain busy with running a business, making a living and saving for retirement to recognize that this Baby was the promised one who would save all of mankind. Is that you tonight – too concerned what the World has to offer – money, career, ambition. Too concerned with surviving or making a living to see the facts that this baby is special. Don’t miss the fact that Jesus came to give us things that no amount of money can buy. Pause this Christmas to find out who this baby really is and what he can offer. Don’t miss the baby by being distracted by what the World offers – it’s a poor substitute.

The Other Travelers & the Towns folk

Not only did the innkeeper miss the baby, but the other travelers and the people of Bethlehem missed the Baby. It was right under their noses, but they missed it. What would you do if you knew the Queen of England was coming to your city, your suburb, your street. What if there was no room at the local motel for her. Would you think of offering up your bed to her? No-one thought to do that for Mary and the baby to be born. They had their own concerns. Most of the fellow travelers were also on the road for the census. They were in a hurry to get places and were just too worn out from a long day’s travel to have time to visit a baby. The townsfolk were overrun with visitors to their city. There were the school reunions to go to, the relatives to catch up with, dinner with aunty Peg and uncle Bob. Their calendar was too full and they were just too busy to squeeze in a visit to a tiny baby. So often at Christmas time, our programs can be so hectic that we are just too tired to think about another thing. We are so busy trying to get somewhere in life or so busy doing things that we can’t stop to give any time to the Baby and so we miss him. Is this you tonight. Do you need to cancel some of your engagements this Christmas so you can find yourself in Church, so you can visit this baby and find out what he can do for you. Don’t miss the baby by being too busy.

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